Thursday, March 1, 2012

Truly differentiated instruction...

I was going to wait and blog tomorrow for my weekly reflection, but I just couldn't wait.

Today I saw a true picture of differentiated instruction in my Math Analysis classes and it was amazing.

I was up front on the whiteboard with 10-12 students going over a concept from 2 days ago for those who needed it.  I was able to teach it slower and go over it multiple times to make sure they understood.

One of my top students who was already a day ahead of the class took a group a four students who struggled on yesterday's test and did some remediation/reteaching with them in a small group.

Two of my students were at computers either re-watching or watching a video they needed to see.

The other 15-20 students were working in their small groups or by themselves on the concepts either through practice problems or concept quizzes.  Once my 10-15 minute session up front was finished, I was able to walk around and help them.

I seriously wish I could have freeze-framed the moment and posted pictures on here, but everyone was so engaged and involved in learning that I didn't want to disrupt the moment.  Hopefully you can picture it.

I love what this "flipped classroom" is turning into...


  1. Oooh I am so jealous. I don't get to see that kind of thing because I teach online in a live virtual class, so I don't see what they're doing. But I am flipping, so I know that differentiation is happening based on what they tell me individually. It would just be so nice to see it firsthand! Congrats, and btw, I filled in your survey, would love to know what the results/outcome is!

  2. I recently flipped and saw something similar in my classes within two weeks. I was so excited, Flipping hasn't turned out exactly as I planned-its something better because its organically developing differently in each of my classes. I'm enjoying reading your updates and seeing how the flipping is working for you!

    1. Awesome! I agree with you - it definitely doesn't always go as planned and it is a work in progress. Every class is different. Thanks for reading and have fun with your flipping!


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