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Student Survey Question 6: How does the flipped classroom help you in learning the material?

This is the sixth in a series of 10 posts about a student survey I gave to my classes after four weeks of a fully flipped classroom.  Here are the trends and some responses I have chosen to share.

All survey responses can be found in the following posts:

Student Survey Question 1: Describe your effort in the flipped classroom and explain

Question 6. I feel like the Flipped Classroom 
helps me to learn the material...

Much Better than Traditional4326%
Better than Traditional7646%
The Same as Traditional5433%
Worse than traditional1610%
Much worse than traditional00%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

Interesting general observations (related to Question 5a):

  • 7 of the 35 students who DISLIKED the flipped classroom still said they learned "Better than Traditional"
  • 15 of the 39 students who DISLIKED or HATED the flipped classroom said they learned "The Same as Traditional"
  • 11 students only selected "Worse than traditional" (the other 5 selected that as well as "same").  Of those 11, 7 of them are "F" students who didn't succeed in Traditional Classroom either
  • Approximately 72% of my students feel the Flipped Classroom helps them to learn the material BETTER than a traditional class, and 90% of my students feel they learn the same OR better!

TO SEE ALL STUDENT COMMENTS, GO HERE. I've tried to narrow it down to some "great" comments in this post, but there are a lot more great quotes out there!  It was hard to pick just a few :)

Comments from students who said: "Much Better than Traditional"

  • Once again, flipped classroom really helps me manage my time better with math homework and i stay more focused.
  • I think it is much better because you can pause and rewind the video if you didn't understand something and if you still don't get it you can ask the teacher questions the next day.
  • I understand more because of my better score in quizzes and test, I really love the whole idea of us being responsible to learn for ourselves. I learn at my own pace, could rewatch, rewind, fastforward. I do my Hw at school. It's awesome!
  • In the morning I am still just waking up and learning a new lesson so early is hard, and my mind wonders so i wouldn't give my full attention. Doing this at night is easy and i am wide awake so i learn without the distractions of my classmates. I like being able to do my homework at school because i can ask questions on something i don't get because in the past i would get the classwork but there would always be at least one on our homework that i didn't understand.
  • i feel like i get to learn so much more than in a regular class because its only me and i get to watch my video at my own time instead of having to hurry up after the teacher 
  • I feel like the Flipped Classroom helps me to learn the material much better than the traditional because I can pause rewind and fast forward. In the traditional classroom, I would have to raise my hand and sometimes I won't because I'm a really shy student. 
  • it helped me learn it more because when the teacher use to teach us and at times she would go fast and I would miss what she said or not get it but now with the flipped classroom I get to control it and learn however i learn better which is by pausing and rewinding it if I missed something that the teacher said or I didn't get it.
  • Flipped classroom has more opportunities for students to comprehend what is being taught. I know in a traditional classroom we have to copy and listen to a fast pace lecture whereas in a flipped classroom we have the option of pausing and rewind. We have more liberty because we are actually taking responsibility for our learning that is a test of character especially we are going to college where we are forced to take responsibility.
  • In a flipped classroom we watch a video and we can pause, rewind, or even watch the video as many times as we want. This is helpful because in a Traditional classroom we can't pause or rewind the teacher. In a Flipped classroom we get to work on problems and ask questions about the problems. In a Traditional classroom we only go over like two problems and the teacher can't help every student.
  • The lesson is online an can be watched over and over. No interruptions. no continuation a day later. Digital. Detailed.
  • The flipped classroom helps me learn the material better than traditional because I am able to rewind and listen to what you have said again if I did not hear it the first time and that information might have been crucial to my understanding the concept and in a traditional classroom I would not have been able to rewind.
  • because i don't usually end up with questions and it gets to the point clearer
  • Flipped classroom helps me learn the material better than the traditional classroom setting because if i don't get something, I can rewatch the video. Also because it goes more into detail and I can learn at the speed I want to, and not have to worry about not being able to do the homework because I didn't get the concept. 
  • I was always too shy to ask a question that would waste the times class. The class was always loud and sometimes we wouldn't be able to finish the lesson during class. With the flipped classroom everything is less complicated and easier to understand.
  • I could go back to any lesson that i need more help with and watch the video all over.
  • i understand and feel better about the flipped classroom than in a normal class, being taught by a teacher. in a classroom i get distracted more by all the noises and students around me that are talking. at home i just plug in my earphones and get into the "zone" of the class online. flipped classroom has improved my grade in Algebra tremendously from my 8th grade year. i was failing with a D and a F in 8th grade and this year i am passing with a B+ an with an A. I feel way better now and relieved. 
  • As i said before, flipped classrooms help the student sink in the information better than what a traditional classroom does. Because honestly, a traditional classroom does not offer all that of what a flipped classroom does. By the way, a flipped classroom also lets the student take responsibility for own learning. 
  • I feel like the flipped classroom helps me  learn the material better than traditional because i have more people helping me on the problems instead of just the teacher and i think what also helps about the flipped classroom is that i can pause and repeat things in the video and with the teacher i can't do that.
Comments from students who said: "Better than Traditional"

  • it helps me better because i can always go back and watch it again. also it helps when I'm absent.
  • Like how I am able to rewatch the videos and understand the concept versus if it were in traditional classroom and if I didn't understand it, I wouldn't ask you to re-explain it because I'll be too shy and feel annoying
  • With a flipped classroom I am able to go back and rewatch any concept that I was confused with to gain a better knowledge on that concept.
  • i think its a little bit better because then when we go to class then our classmates can help us if we dont understand it. then if all of us dont get it you can explain it to us.
  • I think I helps me better because I can stop and rewind the videos and learn at my own speed and yet still be in an honors class.
  • I love math, but sometimes I have a hard time learning the material as the same pace as my classmates especially in an Honors course, so the flipped classroom has allowed me to take control of my learning and I really like this. 
  • The flipped classroom is better than traditional because it gives me more resources to go to when i don't understand something. 
  • Straight to the point it helps me through the process that i am able to rewind and pause and also because if have any questions about homework i can ask classmates or you.
  • i feel it makes me responsible for my own education
  • I feel that helps because in the flipped classroom you can hear the instruction of the material clearly with out the chit chat from other students in the class. Also because we are able to go back if we don't understand something that is said in the video.
  • The flipped classroom was really fun at times but then again it's unique and it helps me understand the concept better at times.
  • i can review the concepts if i forget how to do something and i can learn at my own pace. if it was a traditional classroom the lesson would go too fast for me or i would get distracted by other students.
  • The flipped classroom is in many ways better then the traditional. The videos give us freedom to rewind if we don't get the lesson, pause if we have to catch up, or even fastforward if you get it and just want the answer. In classrooms, some are faster and some are slower then others. With the videos we can work at our own pace which is nice. Also being able to go ahead if you understand the current concept, or get extra video help if you don't get it.
  • i can re wind , re watch the SSS anytime i want.  When in the classroom, i just want to put pause or the stop and rewind button but sadly i can't and I'm just not up for peoples faces staring at me like I'm food. It's horrible and makes me not want to ask anything or raise my hand 
  • I feel like i have a lot more personal attention, unlike a traditional classroom. It's like i have my own Mrs.kirch in my room to reach me.
  • Before when we would learn in class i would only get half the information written down now i can can all of it written down and understand it. 
  • I say that it's a better process because before we started the flipped classroom maybe some students would get disturbed by other students talking or maybe because the teacher is going fast or also you have questions and the teacher is going to fast and she or he won't stop for you to ask your question. I like this flipped classroom because your the only one watching it and your more focused on it. You can concentrate and you have no one disturbing you. Another reason is that you can watch it and make sure that your taking good notes and that it is neat enough for you to understand what you wrote down.
  • If there is a part that we do not understand, we can re-watch it or ask Mrs. Kirch about it in class the following day.
  • Well, it can go either way, depending on the individual. Flipped classroom gives students the responsibility of learning all up to them. If a student takes the initiative to be an active listener and watch the videos properly and then follow up with questions in class, then flipped can be better than traditional. If one chooses not to take responsibility and not watch the videos, then flipped is worse than traditional for those students

Comments from students who said: "The Same as Traditional"
  • It does help me with the material a lot more than a traditional classroom because i get more help by the people around me and when i dont understand something my group helps me catch up on the things i missed or didnt understand. It allows me to get more practice on the subject and more understanding on it as well. 
  • The flipped classroom is somewhat similar to the traditional in a way except the discussing part. But in a sense to learning the material, it is the same because the discussion is like reviewing over the materials. So, that is why I would say the flipped classroom is the same as traditional.
  • I feel like it is a backwards method. I do homework in school and learn at home. I'm doing practically the same thing but in different environments. 
  • We are still learning the same material. Its just the way we have to learn it is what's bothering me.
  • I think the flipped classrooms help me learn the same because I learn things fine either traditionally or flipped. With just me in mind, I think I can pretty much digest the same material in either way.
  • I am not a learner that needs anything special. If it is taught to me, I can learn. All I would need is to ask the teacher some questions on the concepts. So if I have to pay attention to a video, or a person, then i will. 
  • In either way, i still always learn the material if I want. By this, i mean that if i want to learn and put in the effort, i can learn the material either way. 
  • I feel that I will learn the material either way. Most students are just used to a traditional classroom, understandably, but as I am becoming more used to it I feel that it does not hinder my learning experience as compared to traditional classroom. 
  • I dont really feel a difference except for the arrangement that we do our classwork and homework. I would understand the concept anyway, just the time we spend practicing is a bit better.
  • i learn the same in both settings. if i were to visually see you lecture on a projector during class and take notes while listening to you i feel i would learn the same. 
  • I feel like either way it is the same thing. If i were to not pay attention in class it would be like if i were not watching the videos and then i wouldn't have learned. But the same way we ask our group for help in a flipped classroom, we could ask them for help in a traditional classroom.
  • I feel that I can learn both ways, but I still like flipped classroom better because I can learn on my own time.  I do not have to sit in class and wait for a concept that I already know to be explained.
  • Its like the same i could learn the both ways but i think i like the flipped videos teaching me better.
  • I feel the same because i am still learning the material from the same teacher, but sometimes I watch them late at night so i can't concentrate as much.
Comments from students who said: "Worse than Traditional"

  • Having the teacher explain the material in class and giving us sample problems to work on was helpful.
  • Not worst but a little bit less
  • because in traditional you have to pay attention because you might ask us a question which we would have to answer and in flipped class you might pay attention and might not.
  • As stated in my previous answers, the reason centers more around my willingness to study. If I lack motivation then my scores are naturally lower.
  • I learn more easy when I have someone in front of me teaching me the material than just hear and watching videos. I'm used to the traditional classroom.
  • I get distracted by technology, I enjoy traditional classes more than flipped classroom. There is more of a student teacher interaction. 
  • I feel that the flipped classroom doesn't help me as much as if I would be learning it in the classroom with the teacher talking in person.
  • I feel like I learn more when I AM IN CLASS.
  • You have all my attention in class at home there is always distractions
  • i think traditional is better because we all do it as a class and go step by step and if someone is not getting it you explain it.
  • I sorta miss the way that the class used to be I mean I like the switch but just used to the old class one

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