Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly Deadlines with Daily Goals??? Student thoughts (pre)

This was a question I posed last weekend (3/9/12) to my Math Analysis students in regards to a change in homework/classwork deadlines I wanted to try out.

***What if your WSQ chart represented a WEEKLY goal? This means, you need to have EVERYTHING (and I mean everything!) signed off by the end of the week. Blue (full credit) and Red (half credit) signatures would still be in effect in terms of how many POINTS you receive in my gradebook, but all that I would be concerned about is if you got it signed off (any color!) by Friday. This would mean the homework card "rules" would change slightly to say that ANY TWO BOXES from ANY TWO COLUMNS (could be different columns) that aren't signed off by Friday would result in a homework card. But, the colors of the signatures wouldn't matter - it just matters that you got it done eventually.*** 

1. Thoughts on this? Do you like it or dislike it? Does this make sense? 
2. Would this lead you to procrastinate on assignments more and do less at home? 
3. Would this motivate you more to make sure to get all boxes signed off (what is happening now is that if you miss a box, students generally never go back to finish it) 

Student 1 (Math Analysis A/B)

1. Love it! It makes perfect sense. 
2. Not in the slightest! Because we have to do the assignments in preparation for the test, there is no point in procrastinating. 
3. IF I missed a box, I would be motivated to complete the assignment because it would allow me to dodge a homework card.

Student 2 (Math Analysis A)
1. I like the idea and it does make sense.
2. It might make others procrastinate, because they might think that they have all week to do their homework but as for me I would have the homework finished on the day it is due.
3. I think it would motivate others, I know it motivates me, but I always do my homework, however, it might give others the impression that they don't need to do their homework till Thursday night.

Student 3 (Math Analysis A+)
I think the weekly goal is a great idea because students will go back to finish their boxes.  However, it might also encourage procrastination unless it is stressed that procrastination isn't an option.  There could be a limit of signatures someone could get at one time... ? :)

Student 4 (Math Analysis C/D)
1. I think that this policy would be easier to follow. I like it, and yes it does make sense. 
2. I think that this would lead me to get my assignments finished more on time because then I wouldn't have to come in on my own time. 
3. This concept WOULD motivate me to make sure that all boxes would get signed off. Personally, if I missed a box I wouldn't have gone back to get it signed. So I think this would help to catch up on missing work. 

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