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#flipclass chat 3/26/12 - Biggest Risks

I wasn't able to participate in the 3/26 #flipclass chat, but I see it as such great PD I decided to read through the archive  and pick out some stuff that really stood out to me.

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Tonight's question:
What are some risks in using a #flipclass and what can/should be done to avoid those risks.

Miscellaneous quotes I loved
27/03/2012 00:55:51 jtague252 Topic tonight was risk. With risk comes reward and #flipclass rewards are great. Ss interaction each day is key.  
My thoughts: I agree. Without an increase in student interaction in class, the flipped class is not working up to it's "potential". It is so rewarding to listen to my students now a few months into the 
semester and hear them talking about the math, using math vocabulary, and having discussions 
about the math - led by THEM, not me!

27/03/2012 00:05:02 jonbergmann Just re-read final draft of our book and forgot we said: "Control Freaks Need Not Apply" to the #flipclass  
My thoughts: I laughed when I read this because I have always seen myself as a Control Freak, and
using a flipped class has finally allowed me to start releasing that control and letting me "be okay" with the students guiding their learning. 

27/03/2012 00:06:32 jtague252 Jumping into #flipclass is the first risk. Once you do it, the rest falls into place as you go.
My thoughts: So true! It is scary at first because it is a change for both teacher and student (and 
parents!). However, I've learned that I just figure it out as I go. I'm trying things and some are 
working great, some not so much, and some just need some tweaking :)

27/03/2012 00:14:17 CoachYak #flipclass is being a guide on the side rather than the sage on the stage! Student-centered learning!
My thoughts: Most important thing!

27/03/2012 00:14:24 runfardvs @jtague252 I found I had to train my #flipclass students for this. Many discussions about time management and making good choices.
My thoughts: I can't emphasize this enough. I am really planning on taking a lot of time in the first
few weeks in September to train my students, and then it is a constant (almost daily for some
students) reminder of how to manage their time and be responsible.
27/03/2012 00:47:05 msteachking Relationships make a world of difference in engaging students, #flipclass allows more 1on1 work with students, more relationship building!  
My thoughts: Isn't there the quote "Your students don't care how much you know until they know 
how much you care?" All the extra interaction time we get in the flipped class allows me to
talk with them more about math, but also more about life. It helps :)

27/03/2012 00:12:49 jonbergmann the video isn't the key in the #flipclass-it is the interaction with the stds. Focus on that.
27/03/2012 00:13:34 Mr_Brett_Clark @jonbergmann Exactly! That's was my problem early in this process. Too video focused! #flipclass
27/03/2012 00:14:41 jonbergmann Video focused was our problem early too.  I wonder if this is just process all #flipclass tchrs need to go through  
My thoughts: I think think this was a big problem for me as well. As I get more into the semester, 
I am realizing more and more that the videos are ONE of many resources. I still feel the videos
are a very valuable and needed resource in my flipped class, but I am learning to be "okay" with
the students using other resources and not necessarily loving my videos. The goal is that they
learn. How they go about learning it is now up to them, and I like that I am giving them that 
freedom. They need to learn how to learn themselves.

27/03/2012 00:10:48 sundayfunday34 big mistake for me was not transitioning students well enough, didn't follow gradual release formula well enough. #flipclass
27/03/2012 00:11:16 DeliaBush @sundayfunday34 start by watching the videos with them to model how to view them correctly #flipclass
27/03/2012 00:11:41 Smacclintic @sundayfunday34 need to spend time on front end explaining reasons to Ss and being clear with their responsibilities #flipclass
27/03/2012 00:12:20 runfardvs @sundayfunday34 I call it "potty training". #flipclass students need help getting used to expectations.  
My thoughts: 100% going to be one of my most important focuses for next year and I start with 
a brand new class. I often tell myself "oh they'll just pick it up as they go through the year".  
To a certain extent that is true. However, I think I will alleviate some unneeded stress off of my
plate by just taking the time to do that in the beginning.

27/03/2012 00:06:15 hark07 Does anyone have Ss getting behind because they don't finish Qs in class?  Do you have them finish Qs and watch the video for HW? #flipclass 27/03/2012 00:08:37 jtague252 @hark07 if students are working at best pace unfinished problems can be done tomorrow. Had to give up setting day day pace 4 all #flipclass
27/03/2012 00:10:48 buddyxo @hark07 Good ? I usually look for completed assignments on a weekly basis. Look for video completion daily. Ss work at diff paces #flipclass    
My thoughts: I have really liked my transition to Daily Goals with Weekly Deadlines. I think in 
the beginning of the year I will hold students to Daily Deadlines, but after a couple of weeks or
so, loosen the reins and give them Weekly Deadlines. I feel like this lessens the stress and lessens
the temptation to cheat to "just get it done" because they are doing the work/practice for 
themselves and nobody else. It also gives the students the opportunity to work ahead and plan 
around their schedule. For example, there may be a video "every night" on the schedule, but
that doesn't mean they can't watch them ahead of time based on their schedule, or choose to 
watch one in class or something like that.
27/03/2012 00:11:53 joereform Do you find students getting frustrated as you adjust and fine tune the #flipclass strategy on the fly?
27/03/2012 00:16:06 HennebryDMS #flipclass is all about finding what wrks n your clss and for your ss.  My ss know that i will chng what does not work-I am always changing!  
My thoughts: I have gotten a few complaints from my students about the changes because 
students need routine. However, they have been very flexible "guinea pigs" for the most part.  
I am hoping to have a better grasp on it for next year, but I know I will still be tweaking. If 
something isn't working, it needs to be changed.
27/03/2012 00:16:27 jonbergmann @arnoldscience this was our problem too: Kids who"play" school dont like #flipclass-but it is especially best for them
27/03/2012 00:28:45 sundayfunday34 @jonbergmann @arnoldscience Really working on breaking "playing school" with some of my "grades are my life" students. #flipclass  
My thoughts: Argh - one of my biggest frustrations! I only hope by the end of the year they look
back and realize the growth they have made as a student. I hope they realize that they actually
learned and didn't just get a letter grade.
27/03/2012 00:22:49 buddyxo @Smacclintic @GroshongMary I'm reusing vids from last year so that I can focus on improving what happens inside class #flipclass
27/03/2012 00:23:11 HennebryDMS @GroshongMary We plan on reusing our #flipclass vids and tweaking as necessary--spend more time on differentiation/activities for classtime.
 27/03/2012 00:23:17 ProfNoel @DeliaBush @GroshongMary Becaus the video quality improve in time, i will redo them for the next year #flipclass
 27/03/2012 00:23:23 montysays RT @buddyxo: @Smacclintic @GroshongMary Im reusing vids from last year so that I can focus on improving what happens inside class #flipclass
My thoughts: I hope to re-use most of my videos for next year with a few replacements for ones 
I didn't like too much. I know I will never be satisfied 100% with my videos, but at some point we
can't keep re-recording for perfection because it will simply take too much time. I am looking 
forward to MUCH MORE TIME next year!

27/03/2012 00:26:28 davidfouch I had some parents worried at the beginning of the year that we were not doing anything in #flipclass
27/03/2012 00:28:20 runfardvs @davidfouch I soon realized that "you're not doing anything" really means "you're not doing it how I did when I was in school" #flipclass
27/03/2012 00:28:52 jtague252 @davidfouch I had my parents watch my video explaining #flipclass on 1st night. Positive responses. Also shared w school board.
27/03/2012 00:34:02 runfardvs @davidfouch @buddyxo @jtague252 I've found #flipclass parents need just as much help as Ss but I think those conversations are a good thing.  
My thoughts: I haven't had any parent complaints, but I have had to explain the expectations to
them on several occasions. Most parents are actually excited that they can SEE their student 
doing homework and not just assume they are doing what they are supposed to.

Well, those are my thoughts. Thanks for a great (delayed) chat everyone!

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  1. Thanks for doing this. It's good to see the comments and then see how it applies to our student population.



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