Friday, March 30, 2012

FINAL CALL for the "Flipping Teachers" Survey!

I am still working on getting all the data collected from my Flipping Teachers Survey... (click link to take survey)

Survey will be closed and data will begin being posted on WEDNESDAY, April 4th!  

I will link to the data here, on Edmodo, on the Flipped Class Network, and on Twitter.  

If you would like a personal email of the raw data (spreadsheet form, full responses, any personal information that has been requested not to be shared deleted), please 
1) send me an email to crystal dot kirch at gmail dot com 
2) subject "Results of Flipping Teachers Survey"
3) include the email address you use to login to GoogleDocs so I can add your email address to the list

Please be sure to fill out the survey if you haven't done so already!

If you filled out the first part but not the extended part and would like to do so, please click this link here.

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