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Student Survey Question 1: Describe your effort in the flipped classroom and explain

This is the first in a series of 10 posts about a student survey I gave to my classes after four weeks of a fully flipped classroom.  Here are the trends and some responses I have chosen to share.

All survey response can be found in the following posts:

Student Survey Question 1: Describe your effort in the flipped classroom and explain

Question 1. Which phrases describe you?
I feel like I give 100% effort every day - 46 students, 28% of responses

I feel like I try my hardest, even when it doesn't seem like it- 104 students, 64% of responses

I feel like I am pretty lazy most of the time - 18 students, 11% of responses
I feel like I am lazy all the time - 2 students, 1% of responses
I don't really try very much in math class - 9 students, 6% of responses
I feel like I really want to try, but I get so distracted by everything else around me - 25 students, 15% of responses
I feel like I really want to try, but I am so busy that it doesn't always work that way - 27 students, 17% of responses
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

Overall, 150 of the 163 students who responded felt that they either gave 100% effort every day or tried their hardest every day (some also checked another response in addition to that, mostly one of the bottom two choices).  That is something good for me to keep in mind as a teacher because sometimes it doesn't seem like they are giving full effort.

Because of these results, it is important for me to remember:
1. They are teenagers and are still learning how to be responsible adults and manage their time wisely.  Technology is a great thing, but it can also be a huge distraction for them and it can be hard to have to be on the internet for homework and not be tempted to go elsewhere.
2. They do have other classes that give homework and sometimes mine may not be their first priority.  I must face that reality.
3. There are a lot of family and economic stresses that my students have to go through that take away their time and energy from their schoolwork.  How can a student focus on math homework when their parents are yelling, they have to babysit four brothers and sisters, they have to cook and clean for their family, there is only one laptop in the house for everyone to use, etc?

I am going to try to keep this in mind when my students walk in every day.  I want to work on this as a teacher - focusing on the positive and believing that every student is giving me their full effort... giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Sometimes I think I don't do a very good job of that and I end up getting upset or frustrated (in my tone of voice) when students don't come prepared to class or don't seem to be working.

Comments from students who chose the following answers: 

"I feel like I give 100% effort every day"

I always will try in all my classes because I am a good student. Also because I like math and I always come with a good mood.

I picked the first answer because I do try my best. I want to succeed in class a get a good grade.  I don't give 100%; I am not trying my best to pass the class. When I have trouble with a problem, I try to do it again. 

Last year I honestly could care less about math. It was my eighth grade year and I was never good at math. I passed with a C and towards the end of the surprisingly a B. I did my work and got my things done but that’s because we could hand in our English homework and he wouldn’t notice. It was easy but I didn’t learn much. This year I wanted things to be different and they are; I think you’re a great teacher and you’re on us about our work which is good. I get lazy but things are clicking and I understand everything. You provide so much help and its sad for the kids who take advantage, you give many chances as well. I try hard because I can see how hard you try as a teacher so I think I should put the same amount of effort. 

The reason I picked that answer choice was because I feel like I give my 100% every day. I pay attention in class; I do all the required work that is given to me. And I think that my grade can prove it or also can my test scores.

I like to try 100% because I hate being lazy even though I am a lazy person, but I do all of my work every day

I think I am giving 100% every day. I try my hardest to keep up with all the homework and I try hard on every quiz and test so that I can get a good grade on each test and quiz.

I stay on task during class. Also I follow all the directions that are given.

I feel like I give 100% effort every day because I want to get my work done, I go to class to learn new stuff and I want to be able to succeed in Math class. I always do my homework, I pay attention, I study and all that work pays off.

I am always paying attention to you when you are teaching the lesson or telling us something important. When I go to your class I feel like I am in heaven because it is fun when you are telling us your facts or when tell us something funny.

I feel like I give 100% effort most of the time. Sometimes I can slack off a little, but usually I catch myself and get back on track. I always watch the videos and do PQ homework and if I understand the material, I take the quiz. This unit, I passed with all 8's and feel good about the upcoming test.

I always understand all concepts and I do not stop until I do. I even make time in my day to stay far ahead of the rest of the class.

For the most part, I feel that I give 100% effort every day. However, some days, I'm not as energized or efficient, partly because I am sleep-deprived. But other than that, despite distractions, I always try my best to learn and be responsible for my own learning.

 I feel that I give all my effort every day because I come prepared and ready to learn. I complete all my WSQs on time and come ready with questions if I need them. Also, during class I try to stay on task and complete my PQ questions and I do what is necessary to pass the class with an A. That is why I believe I give a lot of effort each day.

I always want and try to make sense of the problem in front of me. If something doesn't make sense, then I ask questions or look for the answer myself so that I can understand everything else. My work is always complete and people know that so sometimes they ask to take a look at it.

I do feel like I try my hardest because now I know that I am responsible for my own learning. There is times where I do not look like I try, but I always try my 100% because if I don’t I feel like I might miss some material.

I feel like I give my 100% effort each day because I always try my best to come prepare to class every day. Such as watching the video, doing my summary, and writing a question. Also I try my best to finish my P.Q. in class and help my group when they ask for my help. 

I feel that I give 100% effort every day because I try to understand all of the concepts and be able to express what I know in words as the summary and question show.  I always watch the videos even if I do know the concept to make sure I don't miss an important detail.  Even if it's loud in class, I can still concentrate because I'm used to working in that kind of environment.  I have finished all assignments fully and accurately since the beginning of the school year because I know that as well as understanding of concepts will guarantee that I pass the class and know all the information that I need.

I feel like I give a 100% effort every day because when I get home math is the first homework I do every day. I complete all the assigned work to the best of my abilities and when I get to class I make sure to be prepared and stay on task each and every day. 

I feel like those two choses best describe me because I'm always on task, paying attention to what the teacher is talking about, doing my classwork, and also helping others if they need help or even if they have any questions. Also if any of my classmates need help on how to solve a problem I can help them and show them step by step. Every day after class I feel proud of myself because I know that I have achieved my goal that I set every day and I know that what I do every day is all worth it because I get good grades every grading period and my parents are proud of me and I'm also proud of myself.

I picked those answers because I really do give it my all in all of my classes, including math analysis. I feel I try my hardest by completing the assigned work, and then going back and reviewing the word if I need clarification. I feel like I always understand the concepts while we are studying the unit. But I always somehow blank out on little details on the test.

I feel like I am trying my best to do what is asked of me. I complete all of my work on time and I make sure that my answers are correct. When I do not understand something I make sure to ask for help and get clarification.

"I feel like I try my hardest, even when it doesn't seem like it"

I feel like people think I work slowly sometimes. That’s only sometimes. I think that Mrs. Kirch thinks I work slowly; I just get distracted or get overwhelmed. I think that’s why I work slowly sometimes.

I picked the 2 answers because I always do my 100% on all my work. I don't like the feeling of doing things half done. Then there is times when I try and try but I am so busy with things that most other students don't have to deal with. Such as me taking care of my dad as if he was a baby and he is just continuously fighting with me. So I get distracted thinking about all the other things.

In class I do pay attention most of the time. Sometimes I might be talking to my group members or with other people. I do my homework and I understand everything on the flip classroom videos. I take all my notes and it is clear to me. In class I do my PQ easily and fast. I do try and work my hardest on most of the things we do. At times I don’t always finish my summary but it’s because I am really tired and sleepy so I fall asleep, it’s not because I choose not to do it.

I am always busy with basketball and training. When I’m at class, I always have a tiring day. Still, I try my hardest in getting my grades up and completing all my work. I go to school to try and succeed. If I’m not doing my best, there’s no point in going.

 I choose these answers because I feel like I do try even when it doesn't seem like it. I always do my work on the SSS. When I’m doing the PQ, I always check my answers when I’m done working out the problem. I sometimes study before a test but I always make sure I understand the Concepts. 

My grade in the class and on tests really reflects the effort I put in. I do talk and get off track in class sometimes but in the end I always get my stuff done to the best of my ability.

The reason for my answer choices would be that even though it doesn't seem like it I do take school very seriously. I also like to interact with my friends and peers in class so I may at times get distracted, but no matter what school is still one of my top priorities.

I feel that I do my work, and it's hard because I understand everything yet when it comes up to tests, I always fail them. I try my hardest but never fully understand why it's complicated when the test comes along. I need more practice! 

I picked that answer because I do feel like I try my hardest. I come to school every day even though I have hated school since kindergarten. I try very hard in class to get my work done. Whenever I don't get an 8 on a quiz I am in class the next day ready to retake the quiz. I feel that this class is very easy for me because I took it last year.

I picked my answer because sometimes I may look like I’m off task but in reality I’m trying my best.

Sometimes it seems like I don't try my hardest in math but I do. This year I’m trying instead of being lazy and math seems really easy.

I will admit sometimes I do talk, but there are rare times where I'm not completing/ attempting the assignment.  I try my hardest even when I'm getting distracted.  Sometimes I don't understand the material so I ask for help from other students before I ask you.  There is one thing for certain, I always try my hardest.

I try my hardest every day during class because I want to succeed. Even when it doesn’t because I try to find an easy way to do what I am doing.

I try my hardest because I have already taken this class and would not like to take it again. Sometimes it may not look like it because I may get distracted like that one day I failed the test.

I picked this answer because I do work hard and sometimes even finish my classwork before I have to go to lunch. Sometimes I just finish during lunch but sometimes I just talking to my partners and talk for a little bit which is ok but not for a long time and if I do I have at least half of my work done . I like working with my group because I feel comfortable and able to ask them if I get stuck on a problem

I think that I try my hardest because I have a good final grade in class. I may sometimes not do my homework but I always turn it in for some credit. I know sometimes you think I don't care about math class but I try to take it seriously as much as I can and I hope you can see that.

I try to be on task most of the time and I try to do all that is required from us even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it. I try harder in math class because I know math is more difficult to learn for myself and most people.

Even though sometimes in class, I may just be sitting around, I am actually processing and planning out what I’m going to do. When I am sitting there, I am either deciding whether to take a quiz, work on PQ's or asking for help from those around me.

I do try my hardest most of the time. Yes I am lazy some of the time but that’s because I’m just an average student and I have the strong case of senioritis. I do stay on topic and do all my work in class, or as much as I can get done.

I do try hard but this is my first time being in such a demanding class, which is bad since this is what college will be like next year. In my other classes, I am usually far ahead enough, or we have enough time that if I went into class and for whatever reason didn’t do the work, I could still do good. This class on the other hand, I have to stay on top of the whole time or I fall behind. Basically 1 math analysis class = 2-3 days of standards classes. 

Even though I have Math Analysis 6th period, I always try my hardest. So sometimes like I'm not interested or trying but I really am. It's just that it's the end of the school day.

I feel like I've been trying my hardest, especially ever since second semester began, because I have started doing my homework earlier and I have been sleeping earlier too. I am trying my hardest because I want to aim for really good grades, even though it's my last year of high school, I want to end it with awesome grades. Sometimes it may not seem like I try very hard (for example, like when I'm talking in math class) but I always make up for the time wasted when I am completely focused on my school work in my house.

I've been pretty good at doing my homework this semester but sometimes I leave everything to the last minute. But I am trying and make a great effort to comprehend the things I learn especially through the flipped classroom. I have really helped having you check out homework every day because it keeps me up to date and in a habit of not procrastinating. Even though writing a WSQ and a question might seem tedious it helps me understand. I watch my videos at home and do the homework. The homework check off sheet is also very helpful because I know what I'm missing and what due the next day.

I think math class is very easy. Sometimes it might seem like I doing my work but I am probably thinking. I am tired some days so I don't really try those days. Mostly I have good days and try my hardest.

I have 5 AP classes and I know it’s not much but nonetheless I feel all my classes go together and well I usually feel sleepy or well hungry and I can’t concentrate so I usually just see what other people are doing and I catch up and well work at my own pace I do try though very much I just never feel at my 100%

I feel like I try my hardest , even when it doesn’t seem like it because I know I sometimes I get the problems wrong but honestly every problem I try my hardest . I feel like I really want to try , but I am so busy that it doesn’t always work that way , I get homework cards because I don’t do my homework but truly I have other homework and projects to do and I sometimes don’t do the math homework. Sometimes I finish until one o clock but it’s too late so I go to sleep and I don’t do math homework. 

I always want to try my hardest and best in all of my classes, but sometimes it doesn't always work that way because you have to prioritize your classes, according to which I have to pass in order to graduate with the classes that are most important to me. I am taking AP Gov. and Econ, and AP environmental science, plus practice after school for dance. My AP classes are very time consuming. Sometimes I’m so stressed I just simply don't have time to finish all my work. But I always try my very best to finish it.

Although my test grades don't reflect my hard work at times, I know that I try my hardest in this class for the most part. I try going before school or anytime during the school day to do what I have to get done in order to succeed in whichever concept we're working with. If I do slack off at times, it’s because I'm busy with all my school work and extracurricular activities. Of course, like you stated before if it’s important we'll find a way and if it's not we'll find an excuse. For the most part I've always found a way to try my hardest.

I actually try hard in math even if it doesn't seem like it and that's because I give up when it gets to complicated. When it comes to math I get stressed out I bugs me how I don't understand some steps and have to start all over. To be honest I do get distracted easily but I manage to get myself back on task. I really do try hard but math just stresses me out so much that when I take a test my mind goes blank. Sometimes I just give up and don’t even try anymore because I don’t believe I can do it. in my head I already have a little voice telling me I’m going to fail so I give up right away instead of getting  myself stressed.

 I chose these two phrases because it describes me in class when I'm doing my work. There are some days where I actually want to try but I begin to either daydream or get distracted by my thoughts and my surroundings. Then there are other days where I try my best even though it may seem that I'm not doing any work at all it's just that I sometimes get stuck on the problem I'm solving.

Math has not always been my best subject and I know I have to do extra work in order to understand it. I try my hardest in class as well as at home when working on it. There are days when I don't feel so focused. I sometimes am tired because of sleeping late from homework and my schedule with babysitting. I know I cannot afford to slack of in math, and if I do slack off one day, I make it up another day by working harder and reviewing everything that I missed or did not understand completely. 

"I feel like I really want to try, but I get so distracted by everything else around me"
I keep saying to myself "I am gonna drop everything and work on all my schoolwork now"" but for some reason whenever I try to I just get distracted by so many things that I don’t do stuff. So far this week I have been pretty good, then again it’s only the second day of the week. But from now on I will work harder and not get distracted as much

Well I am always preoccupied with the problems around me and my family.

I picked that because I want to do good but since all my other classes are pretty much no effort I get lazy to do any work or try to.

The reason I chose these answers is because sometimes I don’t have time to complete all my homework or I do but it takes me until 1 am to finish it and it’s all useless work. As well as I just want to get it done and I don't even know what I said or learned. By the time I get home its about 5 pm since I take about 2-3 buses from school to get home and I end up being tired most of the time that I just get home and I fall asleep instantly. By the time I wake up its late or I have church group, mass, or other church related activities and I end up coming home until 10 which at that time I start my homework, Only on Monday am I available to finish my homework early at 9 or 10. However since we live in a one bedroom apartment it’s pretty noisy that I’m not able to fully concentrate.

Some days I try to do my best but I’m so tired from earlier in the day because we either had a test or an in class writing assignment. Other times I try to work but I get distracted by what people are saying or doing in class

Well I want to try in math because math is necessary in life but I always get tired by the time I'm in class because it’s the last class. Also I always do my homework in order from periods and math is last so I usually do it if I do it at 1-2 in the morning. I get distracted with other stuff on the internet too.

"I feel like I really want to try, but I am so busy it doesn't always work that way"
I Have too much homework given to me I know it sounds like I’m a little baby complaining. But I Know I have received a bunch of homework cards from you the last couple of days. I really try to get my homework done but it doesn’t excel your expectations. Even Though I know you might not even read mine.

"I don't have time because I try to help out my mom so I go to work. I teach martial arts and when I get home I don't have time to do anything so I try to do the video first but then I have other homework from another class and I just don't have time.

I chose the fact that I feel like I do want to try but it is near impossible when I have so many things to do, here at school and at home. At school I juggle studying for classes, as well as trying to focus on my classes. At home I am constantly doing chores and tasks for my siblings and parents, being the oldest is very demanding.

Although I would love to try my best in succeeding in math class often times I feel overwhelmed with the amount of AP homework I have and since both my AP classes are required to graduate and I do not meet eligibility I try to focus more on those classes.

I picked the answer because I have to do a lot of other work for other classes since it is my senior year I have to work on the portfolio. 

"I feel like I am pretty lazy most of the time" - "I feel like I am lazy all the time"  - "I don't really try very much in math class"

I don’t really try because sometimes I don’t get the problems or test and fail on test and I think I try my best but it doesn’t work so I give up and stop caring.

I don’t give 100% effort in class because it’s too boring. It’s boring because I feel like I can do the problems too easily compared to other kids who are trying very hard to study. I just feel that algebra 1 wasn’t right for me and I should have been in at least geometry honors. For most of the chapters we did, all I needed was one problem worked out and I could decipher what to do.

I really don't try in class because I feel like even though I work hard and try to keep up, work keeps piling on top of everything. I feel like it is my fault that I am not the smartest, brightest student and also the fact that when things get tough I tend to give up. I feel like I never have time to do anything because I don't know how to set my priorities straight.

I feel like I really want to try, but I am so busy that it doesn't always work that way-- I feel like I'm letting my family problems get in the way of my school work. Deep down, I really want to try but it's just been so hectic that I feel like there aren't just enough hours in the day and I get tired easily after starting something due to my constant frustration and worrying about finishing in time that I always end up BS'ing stuff just to go through the motions.

I feel like I get distracted and that I almost never have time. I probably don't organize my time the way I could have. I easily feel very overwhelmed by many of the different classes I am taking and put math analysis on a lower priority. 

I chose these answer because I really do get lazy but I feel like I can achieve above & beyond in math, I just have to try.

I chose that answer because I know that most of the time I’m lazy and specially when there’s something I don’t get I just get lazy and don’t feel like asking no questions and I just give up easily because I just feel like it’s too hard for me and right now I’m trying my best to do better and stop being lazy but I chose that answer because that’s how I am right now I’m lazy most of the time.

Time management is hard to keep up because I have to manage my time wisely of having time for my other subjects and for math.

The reason why I chose "I feel like I am pretty lazy most of the time" is because of all my other AP classes. Though I understand that each class is weighted the same way on the scale of importance, I tend to prioritize the classes that I am currently struggling in.

I think I can be a better math student than I am showing because I really enjoy math I just think that there is so much involved in this class and I have other things I need to focus on that I seems like I don’t try. I also think I am lazy because to be honest it seems like I’m always tired and on my free time I just sleep.

I feel like I'm pretty lazy most of the time it’s either because I'm sleepy or have other things to do. I also feel like I really want to try, but I get so distracted by everything else around me that I can't really concentrate. 

I feel that way because sometimes I don’t really understand the questions. Sometimes I don’t do my homework because I don’t have a computer and I have to go to her house. Sometimes it’s just that I don’t have time and I can’t really go so I have to come and watch it here at school.

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