Sunday, March 18, 2012

Excited for week 8

I am excited for a great week in my flipped class this week.

I am hoping to see a lot of student-created content (I will link to anything created here), trying out a new playlist feature to possibly use next year at (with a google form wsq embedded at the end), and seeing improvement in student understanding of the material and in students taking control of their learning. 

In addition...

On Wednesday, my math analysis students take another test, and I hope to continue my collection of great data that shows the improvement in achievement with the use of the flipped classroom!!

 On Friday, I will be visited by a neighboring principal and two math teachers wanting to see a flipped classroom in action!

 I have been very active this weekend on my blog, trying to catch up on getting all my thoughts and ideas out since it has been a CRAZY week or so. With that, all of the comments and feedback I have received has been great and has really made me think. I have a lot of decisions to make as an educator of what I want my classroom to look like and how I can make it best for my students. If anything, I have learned that there is not one right way to do this "flipping" thing and that it will probably always be a work in progress. I have learned to take ideas and to take advice, but the final decisions of what I think are best is still up to me. I think that is one of the reasons I love teaching so much-I have so much freedom to be a leader and choose my path in my classroom.

 Some things I think I have come to the conclusion of after this weekend (as of now!!) 

-I like the pre-loading model of the flipped classroom that I am using where students come in with some basic content knowledge first. I would like to see how I can incorporate more project based learning with this model next year. I think that inquiry based works great for science and other subjects, but I don't think it works best in math class.

 -I really want to try to keep my videos around 10 minutes max, and if they are any longer, to split them into two parts. This does mean some editing for next year, but I was planning on doing that anyways. It will be a work in progress. Try to still keep the max number of video minutes each night to around 15, but splitting the videos up into smaller chunks will help.

 -I need to remember to take student complaints with a grain of salt. Some are valid, some are teenage complaints that stem from laziness and wanting to do the least amount of work possible. My "I'm sick of the videos" post was retweeted and reposted in so many different places, and it was interesting to read follow up thoughts and comments in different places. I still think videos are a very important tool in my flipped class, but I do want to continue to emphasize to my students that they are not the ONLY tool. I actually think it is great that my student felt comfortable enough with me to express his opinions and frustrations.  Many students would have just stayed silent.

Well, we will see how this week goes!

What are YOU most excited about for your Flipped Class this week?  
What goals do you have? 
What do you hope to see?

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