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Student Survey Question 3: What are you doing when you watch the videos? Are you an active listener?

This is the third in a series of 10 posts about a student survey I gave to my classes after four weeks of a fully flipped classroom.  Here are the trends and some responses I have chosen to share.

All survey response can be found in the following posts:

Student Survey Question 1: Describe your effort in the flipped classroom and explain

Question 3. When I watch the videos, I am:

Listening but doing something else 4 students, 2%
Listening and watching 41 students, 25%
Listening, watching, and taking notes in my SSS 112 students, 69%
Listening, watching, taking notes in my SSS, highlighting and writing extra notes or questions 85 students, 52%
Pausing 109 students, 67%
Rewinding 102 students, 63%
Rewatching 46 students, 28%
Fast forwarding 33 students, 20%

People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

Overall, my students seem to be doing what they are supposed to when watching the videos.  I am concerned with several responses.  Only 109 and 102 students, respectively, say that they pause or rewind when watching the video.  Now, I know I teach pretty fast.  If I was taking notes from my lesson on video, I would have to pause myself to get everything written down.  I'm thinking that next year when I start my flipped class at the beginning of the year, I will be doing a lot of modeling and we will even watch some videos in class together (go to the computer lab or something) so students know HOW to watch a video and actually learn from it.  I feel like I have several of my Algebra 1 students and a few of my Math Analysis students who don't really know how to learn.  What I mean by that is they don't know how to take information on their own and process it themselves in a way that they can make as much sense of it themselves.  They aren't used to doing it and they don't know how; I think it needs to be taught and that needs to be a priority next year.

I also have a concern over the students Fast-forwarding, even though I have told them I WANT them doing that under certain circumstances...I want them PAUSING me, trying the problem on their own before I do it, and then FFW to the end to see if they got the same work/answer that I did.  If they didn't, they need to REWIND and watch me do it step by step.  I think that when a student hears me say they can FFW, that means they don't really have to listen to what I am saying.  That's not true.  What I mean is they don't necessarily have to watch me work it out step by step if they can figure it out themselves.  The stuff I say before/after examples is important and necessary.

Because of these results, it is important for me to remember:
1. TEACH TEACH TEACH AND MODEL MODEL MODEL at the beginning of next year!  Take the time to do this so the students DO IT RIGHT once I give them freedom!

Question 3. I feel like I am an ACTIVE LISTENER when I am watching the videos

Yes 158 students, 97%
No 5 students, 3%
Some great definitions of "active listening"
Comments are directly from students and have not been edited for grammar or sense.
Active listener means to me to be S.O.L.E.R. That is an acronym I learned at a leadership class. The S stands for sit squarely so sit at a comfortable angle and distance,O stands for open posture be open to all the is coming toward you,L stands for lean forward listen attentively look interested, E stands for eye contact, and R stands for relax.   
An active listener learns how to do the problems and will eventually know how to themselves if enough effort is put into it. It looks like a student going back if something is misunderstood, taking extra notes, and not doing anything else. It feels like my brain hurts sometimes. 
An active listener for me is someone who really engages into the lesson. He or she is only focused on the videos and is constantly taking notes or pausing the video to really take in the content. An active listener should forget about everything else for a moment and focus on the video. Then again this is only is you really care. 
to me a active listener means like paying attetion to the video without no distractions and listening to every detail that the teacher says and it also means like listeing what the teacher says and understanding what shes explaning to us and also like memorizing or listenig very carefully for  the math vocabulary words that the teacher wants us to use during class.
Being an active listener means that you dont get distracted easily and that you block everything else around you. it looks like your in the zone with the speaker or video you are watching or listening to. it sounds like the person who is tlking and ONLY the person that is talking. other than that it should be slient.

An active listener is being completely focused in what you are watching. For me is being in my room on my desk with my door shut with everything else shut off such as music or having my little niece somewhere else. I rewind and pause when I don't understand why Mrs. Kirch got a number or pause when she's going to fast for me to take notes. The important thing for me is watching the videos at home with out having any interruptions and doing the rest is easy because I know watch I have watched.

Being an active listener to me means that you're not just sitting there listening. It means that you're sitting listening and understanding, or trying to understand the material. You're trying to work out the problem with the teacher, not just copying what shes writing.

When I am an active listener I tend to learn more then I thought I would. The videos may do all the work for you and give you all the answers and stuff, but technically if you really pay attention to the videos and listen to them carefully you will learn the material. 
I think an active listener means that your paying attention to the teacher. It looks like you're paying really good attention and look straight at the video and nothing else. It feels like you're taking notes, pushing the pause button if the teacher is going by fast. It sounds like there is silence and all you can hear is the teachers voice.
Being an active listener to means that you have no distactions while watching the video, Its just you ans the computer. You have to listen to what is being explained and actually grasp the concept not jus listen to the words. You should only hear the sounds comng out from the video so you are able to completely understand whats being taught.
To me an active listener is someone who is fully concentrated on what they're doing. For example, for the videos an active listener will be someone who is watching the videos alone in a quiet area. They're fully into whatever Mrs. Kirch is explaining and they're right on track with her. Throughout the video, they will get lost and have some questions. Therefore, they will pause, rewind, re watch, etc. An active listener feels like you forget about the outside world for those few minutes given and participate fully in the video.
to me being an active listener is when you answer back when there is a question in the video. to me it looks wierd because it looks like you are talking to the computer/laptop. it feels good because when you sometimes get the answer right for the question to me it means that youve actually been paying attention. 
To me, it means taking in everything you learned and applying it to the concept that you are learning. It means that you are actually aware of what you're listening, not just watching the videos and having your mind on something else. It feels rewarding, because all the information is registering in your brain, and you feel accomplished for having learned new things. 
I watch the videos usually alone in my room on my ipod. I have the SSS in front of me with no other distractions. If I need to I will pause or rewind the video if there is something I missed or to catch up. If I am getting distracted I will pause the video and take a break and come back to it in a bit (This usually only happens with the longer videos).
Being an active listener means that I am listening for key facts and I'm writing down important information, not only the ones that Mrs. Kirch takes note of in the video.  I do not write down questions most of the time because I usually understand all of the concepts, but if a question does come up in class I make sure to ask.  Being an active listener means that I am not only staring at the video "mindlessly taking notes", but I am also deciphering the work on my SSS so that I can understand it better.
It means that when I am watching the video I do not pay attention to anything else, meaning Facebook is off, cellphone is off, and I am in a closed room. It sounds like the video. It feels very calming to think that I have alone time for school. 
I feel like I am an EXTREMELY active listener. When I take notes I jot down every detail and some side notes even some questions. Being an active listener means that your SSS is crisp, clean, no rushing and carefully thought through and planned out. An active listener feels like they are there with the person they are listening to even though its just through a video. Being an active listener sounds like complete silence because the active listener is giving the subject complete undivided attention. I consider myself a complete EXTREME active listener. 
quiet room with my sss in front of me and pausing in between problems and solving them first before you solve them to see if i understand it or not. if not, i watch you do the next problem and go alone as you do it, and try to same thing again for the next one. 
The students who said they WERE NOT active listeners said this:
Active listener means to me listening fully and no distractions
I think an active listener mean to listen and learn no matter what happens around you. When you're a active learner you're paying attention and you think about what is happening and keeping it in your head. 
To me an active listener is someone who listens to what they are focusing on. They are not distracted. Someone that is listening actively looks alert. An active listener is able to repeat what they have been told.
An active listener to me means someone that is listening and digesting all the information that is coming into one's head. They are not only passively listening ,but also taking note of what is brought forth and analyzing the data. To me, the listener should also be taking extra notes and be really focused on what they are listening to. When a listener is active I think they should feel that they are taking part in the video.
Im watching the video but sometimes my phone rings or get a text

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