Wednesday, March 28, 2012

They just make me smile :)

There were two situations in my 6th period class today that I just wanted to share.  Things like this make me smile :)
(names have been changed)

1. Group of 5 girls working away on their trig identity problems.  One of them calls me over and says "Valerie needs to go to the bathroom".  I responded with a smile (Valerie was sitting right there), "If Valerie needs to go to the bathroom, she can ask me herself."  
Valerie looks at me and says "I really need to go, but I'm so into doing this problem I just want to figure it out!" 
 I guess she had been complaining to her group members for the last 5 MINUTES about how much she needed to use the restroom but she didn't want to leave the group while they were working on the problem together!

2. One of my colleagues ("Mr. Smith") who wants to flip next year came into see my 6th period in action and to ask the students some questions.  

He pulled "Blake" aside to ask him how he was feeling about the flipped classroom and how he was doing. Blake said that sometimes he doesn't like it because now he can't be lazy anymore

Mr. Smith then asked him how he felt about working with his classmates and if he has seen improvement in his grade since the flip.  Blake said that he had seen improvement and he likes working in class.  

Mr. Smith asked him if he felt embarrassed asking for help in class.  Blake replied, "I used to be intimidated.  I used to think they were all smarter than me.  But now, I hear everyone asking questions and talking about the problems so I don't feel embarrassed to talk anymore."

What sort of things do you hear your kids say that make you smile?


  1. We had our "famous American night" where all the 5th graders dress as their famous American they'd been researching. I got to see some of my former 3rd grade students from my former building and I had 2 awesome comments.
    1) Mrs. Bush, I'm not in resource room anymore. Something clicked when I had you. You are my favorite teacher...for sure.
    2) A parent from the same former school approached me & said that her son asked to be school of choice for 5th grade so he could have me again...this was a kid I didn't think I had reached. Totally made me smile!

    Neither of these had anything to do with my flipped class, but it still makes me warm & fuzzy :-)

    1. Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

      It's comments like those that remind us why we are teachers!!!


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