Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Initial Impressions (Part 3 of 3)

On Friday, I had the privilege to host three visitors from a neighboring school.  I asked them to give me their initial impressions of the "flipped classroom" after seeing my class in action, as well as to ask what questions they had about implementing the flipped model in their classroom.

Part 1 ...  Part 2 ... Part 3 

Here are the thoughts and concerns from Visitor #3.  This visitor was an administrator.

Visitor #3:

Thank you for allowing my team to visit your classroom last Friday.  It was fun to observe your students so engaged in learning mathematics.  Your strategies are innovative, fun and ambitious.  It was very evident that you are a model teacher who cares about student achievement.  We enjoyed our time at "" High School.
Thank you once again.

Thoughts on teacher implementing a flipped classroom model

  • what if student’s don’t watch the video
  • huge time commitment for the teacher in the initial years

Benefits – 
  • Students work collaboratively (21st Century skills) to help each other problem solve.  
  • They are not “spoon fed.”
  • The teacher has more time to give individual assistance as students complete independent practice.  
  • I would suspect that students learn at a deeper and more sustainable level.

  • training students and parents on the new philosophy/process, 
  • computer availability for absent students or students who did not watch the video.  
  • Need a good camera or Ipad and website that can handle the uploads.  
  • Tech support.

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