Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 8 Student Thoughts & Responses

Every week, I send out some questions for my students to answer via Edmodo.  I want to constantly receive feedback on how things are going and how students are feeling about the different things I am trying out.  Here are the responses from this week:

Math Analysis 
1. How is the flipped classroom going for you in general? Talk to me about it in general for you as a person and as a student. Do you have any suggestions? 

  • I like the flipped classroom because you can pause or rewind, and then if you still have questions we can always ask you the next day. although, i haven't really been liking them because i have been receiving a lot of homework for every class and also getting home late from dance practice because nationals is next week. Overall i have been tired and not in the mood, but i am sure that once i don't have so much homework for every class or practice that i will be able to understand the concepts more and not be as stressed.  
  • I think that the flipped classroom is going great. Although we still have a long time till the final I like the idea that we are able to prepare for the final by rewatching the videos also the test so you can refresh your memory. No suggestions its already great.  
  •  I think the flipped classroom is going great, except it has been a lot to handle the past few units. Partially because of all the work that we didn't get a chance to finish in class, and our homework, plus the units overlap (P and Q).  
2. Give me feedback on you and your partner making videos. Do you have any suggestions? 
  • I haven't made a video with my partner yet >.<  
  •  Well i dont have a partner but I think the videos should be extra credit for those people who need it. I still haven't make a video but when i do i'll send you another reply for feedback on what to improve or other suggestions. 
  • The videos were fine, not much to praise or complain about there.  
3. How have your "5 minute WSQs" with your group been? Have they been helpful? Do you stay focused? Do you learn from each other? 
  • They honestly have been helpful because they explain it to me in a way that i can understand better because they probably had the same confusion as me before. Our group does stay focused and on task. i like working with my group because we do our PQ's together and we wait for each other and help each other out if one of us gets stuck on one. 
  • i feel that the 5 minutes WSQ are really helpful to understand the concept better because you can ask for help to a person who understands it. I like to listen to the ways that people memorize some equations like one of the ways that i memorize the pythogorean identitiies was that sin and cos r always together even in soh cah toa. then with tan and and sec i like to see it as in the alphabet because 'S' is next to 'T' and cot with csc i just say that they are both 'C' 
  •  The 5 minute WSQ's have been going good, and they're actually quite helpful. It saves more time too, than if we were to do it with the entire class. Yes, we do stay focused and we do learn from each other. 

Algebra 1 
1. How is the flipped classroom going for you in general? Talk to me about it in general for you as a person and as a student. Do you have any suggestions? 

  • Flipped classroom is actually going really good for me so far. In general, I like flipped classroom a lot because I get to do everything on my own time, but before class starts. As a student, i feel like every week I'm improving and getting used to our daily routines. I always get my WSQV chart signed off so I always feel proud of myself :)  
  • I think the flipped classroom is great! Although sometimes I'm behind, I try to keep up. These concepts are hard because you have to memorize the formulas. I made careless mistakes on the quizzes and i got a 7. If I hadn't made that mistake, I would have gotten an 8 and get a waiver. 
  • overall the flipped class room has helped me. its good that i can pause you and rewind you as much as i want ant the sss is always their. its good , i think it'll be funner if you would show your face in the video so we wouldn't just see your hand (: 
  • I honestly think that the Flipped classroom is amazing I love it but i think we should all go over the concept as a class at least five minutes and try at least one example together (:  
2. How does the "2 minute WSQ" (timed) help you as a student? Have they been helpful? Do you stay focused? Do you learn from each other? 

  • The "2 minute WSQ" has helped me as a student because I get to learn from what my partners learned from the video that was assigned for homework. Also, when I have a question, I can just ask the person sitting next to me. We are always on task and focused on what we're supposed to be doing.  
  • The 2 minute wsq has helped me. It's easier to do this instead of reviewing with the whole class because it takes more time. I learned a lot of information from my friend because they asked questions that were important in the concept. When I'm done answering, My classmates and I go and work on one of the problems from the SSS. It will show us if we know the concept. 
  • it does help i guess because our groups answer our questions. and since my group is smart it's better for me !! 
  • Actually Yes, I think the "2 minute WSQ" has helped me because we tell each other what we learned and don´t waste so much time. & Yes it is easy to stay focused do to the reason that we have 2 minutes so we try to make it use full.  
3. How has the full week of having "separated" classes been? If you are on the "can work in groups" side, tell me what it's done for you. If you are on the "in rows" side, tell me what it's done for you.  

  • The full week of having our class divided into separate sides of the room has gone well for me. From sitting on the side with desks facing towards, has made me realize that I must stay on task all the time and there is no time to mess around. If i want to make it to the other side where everybody else is at, I have to show that i deserve to be moved. Also, I don't talk as much as I used to when we were in groups, so this helps me actually spend my time wisely. 
  • I like the seperated class because it gives me the chance to work with the people that actually do their work. I interact with the classmates asking them questions and getting help from them. I hope we can keep it this way because I like working with people who do their work.
  • it's better because we actually get our work done. im on the groups side. and all the people around us can help. its good because we all know eachother and we can ask anyone on the side were on. i like it more like that, even tho most of my friends are on the other side ;( its better for me
  • I think this week has been pretty good, I was on the can work side and i tried my best to get all my work done & I pretty much did (: 

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