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Student Survey Question 2: When DON'T you watch the videos for Flipped Class?

This is the second in a series of 10 posts about a student survey I gave to my classes after four weeks of a fully flipped classroom.  Here are the trends and some responses I have chosen to share.

All survey response can be found in the following posts:

Student Survey Question 1: Describe your effort in the flipped classroom and explain

Question 2. When I don't watch the flipped classroom videos, this is my reason:

I always watch them 94 students, 58%
I had too much other hw and math was lowest priority 33 students, 20%
I forgot about the videos 26 students, 16%
I just didn't care 1 student, 1%
I planned on watching them in the morning or in seminar, but it didn't work out 41 students, 25%
I didn't want to watch them 4 students, 2%
I didn't feel I needed to watch them, I thought I understood the material without them 9 students, 6%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

Overall, 94 of the 163 students who responded watch the videos every day. I still have a lot of students who wait until the next morning to watch the videos, which I really discourage them from doing because then there are time constraints (the bell ringing for class) and they can't take the time needed to process the information.   I also hate the excuse of "I forgot to watch it"... since we watch videos 4-5 nights a week, I loathe hearing the phrase "I forgot". I feel like it is a way for students to not take responsibility for the fact that they didn't watch it.  I would rather them come up to me and say, "I need to watch the video" and then get right to work on a computer.  Instead, they wait around and eventually say, "Oh Mrs. Kirch, I forgot to watch the video" at some point in the middle of class.  Really? I know I should probably get over it, but it bugs me.  I just want my students to learn to take responsibility for themselves and not always find something or someone to blame.

Because of these results, it is important for me to remember:
1. Stay positive with the students who come in not watching the videos so they aren't afraid of telling me they need to watch it (for fear of getting in trouble). I just want them to get the lesson and learn!
2. Continue to develop great learning experiences for the students in class so students are motivated to watch the videos so they can fully participate in class.  They need to feel like they are missing out when they don't watch the videos.

Comments from students who chose the following answers: 
"I always watch them"
I watch the videos every day, and take notes. I do write the summary and question at school and I forget about what I watched last night, but once we have group discussions I am able to remember and concentrate on the material

The videos teach you a whole new lesson on a concept so in order to learn, you must watch the videos by the time you get to class.  I have a habit of always watching the videos first thing when I get home.  I know that if I do not attempt to watch the video, I will have to make it up and I will be behind in class.
I always do my homework which means I always watch the videos. Sometimes I re-watch certain parts that I don't fully understand.
I always watch them because it is my assignment that I have been given for everyday of the week. I don't really have a lot of homework for my other classes so I have enough time to do all my homework.
I will always 99% of the time I will watch the videos. Even when I have a lot of homework I will watch the videos.
For some reason I always do my math homework first. I guess it’s a habit or maybe a system I've developed but either way, I always do math first. 
I always watch the flipped classroom videos. If I think I won’t have time to watch them I watch it first because I will have time to do my other homework in the morning, seminar or at lunch. Mostly I always have time to watch a video.
I don’t have no excuses to not watch the videos so what I’m doing right now is watching every single video that I have to watch for homework and when I don’t watch a video I don’t say nothing because I know I could’ve watched it I just chose a wrong decision to not watch them.
I always watch the flipped classroom videos. I have only missed it once because I didn’t stay at my house and I didn’t have a computer. Most of the time I watch all the videos, I might not only do the summaries but I do for sure watch the videos.
I always watch my videos because if I don’t then I won't know how to do my homework. Watching the videos is very important because you learn what that concept was about. Watching the videos isn't just watching them because it's your homework, when they ask you to watch them it means to actually watch it and stay focus and learn what it's about. Also know how to do the type of problems their asking you to do. You have to know what the teacher is talking about and how to solve the problem. The videos are a big help because it teaches you how to do the different concepts. Also to do your homework.
At times I'm busy doing other homework because it's due at midnight so I work on it the whole day but I know that I make an effort to watch the videos. I find away if it means waking up and hour early then I do. I just feel uncomfortable not having my things done before class it's been a rare occasion when I don't watch videos.
I always watch the flipped classroom videos. I only didn’t watch one once, because that night I was sick and came home and just slept, so that night I didn’t get any homework done. I usually do my math homework first because I know if I don’t, then I’m not going to want to later in the day.
I always watch the videos. I watch them so I can do good in the class and get a good grade. Its common sense that if you don't watch the videos then you won't be successful in the class and you won't do good on the tests.
I always watch the videos, doesn't matter if I have a lot of homework, I will always have to finish all my homework, or else I feel like I didn't do something right, and when I don't watch the videos its only because I didn't get internet connection at home, otherwise I don't have an excuse of why I didn't watch the videos.
I have always watched the videos because after not having watched a video once, I remember I was completely lost when trying to do the PQ during class.  Therefore, now I know better and I always watch the assigned videos. I feel like it’s better to do it at home and not have to worry about it the next day during school.
I think if I didn’t watch the videos I feel behind and I hate to copy because I feel like I don’t learn and beside I like math.
I always watch the videos because it is my responsibility to watch them.  Also, I don't want to get a red mark on my WSQ because I do not want to get a homework card. 
Since day 1 of flipped classroom, I have watched all of the videos required for homework (:
All I have to do is turn on my computer, watch the videos, and do a WSQ. Pretty straightforward. It's only time consuming when there are tons of videos on one night. Other than that, it is pretty easy to do.
Every video made except for maybe some extra practice videos are watched. I always have to watch them because I know that if I do not watch the video then I will be missing the concept and no one else will teach me what was on the video. I feel like it is my responsibility to watch the videos and learn.
I have always watched your videos since you started because I feel like they really do help me. There was one time when I could not watch the video but that was because my internet was not available that day and so then you put them in a flashcard until my internet returned. Other than that one time, I have always watched your videos.
I always watched the videos every night. To tell you the truth, sometimes when I have too much homework I watch the videos late at night or in the morning. I know math and my other classes' homework is my first priority. I will still make time to watch the videos and complete the assignment.
I always watch the videos because if I don't I will most likely have no idea what to do in the class. I've never missed a video, but I intend not to because I also don't want to ruin my education.
Honestly I get lazy to do the summary, but I do watch the videos no matter what. I think its cuz I like being on the computer
I always watch the video even if I know the concept already.  I don't want to miss any important details that Mrs. Kirch might explain in a video.  I do not go on and watch many of the optional videos; I usually only watch the ones on the chart.  However, I am still able to learn with the regular videos that Mrs. Kirch makes and they are very helpful.  Not watching a video means I'll be behind on work, and I definitely do not want that with a bunch of work from other classes ready for me when I get home.

"I had too much other hw and math was lowest priority"

Sometimes I have to start on bigger homework than the videos so I do my other homework and then watch the video.
I get too much homework because I usually because I always have to do it last day before turning in the assignment. Why, because sometimes I usually get confused on some problems and it's always hard for me to look in a textbook because it has small words and takes me a while to read what it says. But I always watch them if I have all of my other homework done. And we get practice problems in every video I watch. But the practice problems you sent took me a while to understand them and do them. And if I focus on the videos you sent us we would be able understand those problems and work them out.
Well like I said before, this class is very easy for me. If I miss a video, I can watch it the next day and learn the lesson really fast.
As stated in the previous answer, I tend to set math as my lowest priority because I somewhat understand this subject better than the rest.
When I don't watch flipped classrooms, it is true that I have a lot of other homework to do. It is probably a day where I am piled with homework or it is a day where I have to study really hard on this other test in my AP classes. With tons of homework to do, math would be my lowest priority because I believe math is my easiest class and I tend to understand math easier than most classes. Math has always come to me since I was little and I still believe that theory. However, it is true sometimes there could be a concept that is harder than most, but I think I can eventually master it.
Sometimes I just don't feel like doing math. It’s not that it’s my last priority it’s just that I really don't feel like having to go on the internet and watch them. Also I feel like the teachers think that they are the only ones that give us homework so they give us a lot.
When I don't watch the video it’s just because I am lazy. There are days when I do actually just totally forget. And to be honest sometimes I feel like my grade is so good I feel like I need to finish other HW first. I feel like math is my only good grade
It's not like I don't care about math it just kind of depends. Sometimes I'm ready to take on my most challenging/time consuming homework/project and I end up not having time for anything else or sometimes I do all the quick(er) stuff and plan to watch it in the morning but then I don't get up. I hate getting hatred for it is like a disease.
Some days it’s almost impossible for me to watch the videos because I have English and history and practice which don’t end till 5:30 now. Other time I had planned on doing the videos but I forgot because I was in the middle of doing something else. Then there are days when I tried in the morning to do them but it didn’t go as planned and I didn’t do them.
Like the other answer, I am enveloped within four other AP classes and I am struggling in them with Cs and Bs. This is not good, so I may lose time. Also I have tennis practice till 6 every day and I don’t want my whole day absorbed with stressing schoolwork so I do spend some time enjoying myself. BUT I do try to watch videos every time I can. Some concepts are easier than others, but I still do watch them, just fast forwarded.
Sometimes I wait to watch them at night like around 7'ish but time goes by fast and I end up just forgetting about it and falling asleep. So I try to go to school early and watch them in the morning but since I live out of district it takes time to get there, and sometimes during seminar I can’t go because my teacher either doesn’t let me or has us working on stuff.
The times that I haven’t watched them it was because I didn't have my internet yet. Sometimes I would try in the schools computers and it wouldn't let me on school tube but now that I have my internet back I watch them daily to understand the concept of everyday.

"I forgot about the videos"; "I planned on watching them 
in the morning or in seminar, but it didn't work out

Well I rarely forget to watch the videos but I do at times (like twice). That was my reason I tell myself I will do it and I forget. I forget a lot of things, that’s why I try doing math first. The WSQ are really helping like last night I forgot what I had to do but I looked at the chart and what would be getting signed off and I figured it all out.
Yes, I do sometimes forget on watching the videos. I sometimes plan on watching it that night, and end up falling asleep and then waking up late and forgetting about the video. Sorry.
I honestly forget to watch the videos sometimes. for example I’ll say to myself ill watch the video after I do my other homework and by the time I'm done I forget and I remember until the next day.

When I plan to watch the videos I have trouble with them because I sometimes forget to watch them. Recently my trouble with the videos is because my internet at home was cut off for a while so I couldn’t watch them. I understand that I have other opportunities to watch them, but it’s difficult to make time.

I watch the videos most of the time when I get home. I have other HW to get done first so I try to do the HW that isn’t on the computer, so I won’t get distracted. If I don’t end up watching it at night then I watch it in the morning or from my phone.
Because of my other homework I plan to watch it during seminar or in the morning if possible. But at time I’m not able to do either because I might end up not doing homework either or I work on it during seminar as well. In the morning I realize that it is not possible at all due to bus schedules and the time of my arrival which is basically when the bell rings or a few minutes later. With all my homework or other situations I sometimes end up forgetting to watch the videos entirely but as I get home I watch the videos along with the other videos I have to watch.

"I didn't want to watch them"

I really don’t have an excuse and sometimes I might forget and go home and don’t have a computer so I wouldn't know how to do it at home.

"I didn't feel I needed to watch them, I thought I 
understood the material without them"

I wanted to click "I always watch them", but there have been one or two instances where I did not watch the videos because I felt that I understood the material. I always watch the videos unless I fully understand the material and do not need to watch them.
I usually understand how to do the problems from the SSS without watching the videos. If there is a concept I did not understand, then I go watch the video. Either way I always complete the problems from the SSS.
I thought I could tell my partner to explain the concept to me but no (F student)

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