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Week 9 "From their mouths" - student comments (Algebra 1 and Math Analysis)

From their mouths...

Every week I ask my students for some feedback on how the flipped classroom is going for them and if they have anything that stood out to them as really good or really bad.  Here are their thoughts from Week 9.

1. How was class time in general for you this week? How are you feeling about the flipped class? Do you feel you are changing as a student in any way (for the good or the bad)? If so, describe.
2. If you could change ONE THING about the flipped class, what would it be? If you had to choose ONE THING to DEFINITELY KEEP AND NEVER CHANGE, what would it be?

Math Analysis students
  • Class time is becoming more useful as the weeks go by because at first I think (not just me but) everyone was happy because they would have "free time" to talk to friends but I have then began to take advantage of that time and do some problems so that way if I have any questions about it I can just ask the teacher and also it gives me a head start on math homework for that day. The point is that I've begun to take responsibility and been productive during math class. I really like the flipped classroom for that reason that I'll have help while doing my math homework during class. In addition to taking responsibility, it definitely has changed me as a student in a good way because I have begun to think differently about education and taking the responsibility to learn the material for yourself. 
  • If I had to change one thing about the flipped classroom it would be to have a longer class period because I think the time goes by so fast and I am still working on the first few problems once the bell has rung. If I had to choose one thing to never change it would be that we keep learning from the videos because they have seriously been an advantage to my learning in math class. Especially, when concepts get really hard you always have those videos to rewatch and also watch the extra videos until you understand the concept (usually it just takes me the required videos to be able to learn the concepts with the help of being able to pause and rewind the videos).  
  • Class was good this week, but it is always hectic when we overlap the units b/c it is so much more work. I like the videos but don’t like how its very time consuming. With the videos & the WSQ & the classwork we don’t get to finish is too much sometimes.  [comment from me: I overlap units on purpose for two main reasons... (1) to give students time from when we finish learning the material to when they are tested on it since we are still all testing on the same day. (2) to try to help avoid the "cram session" because they actually have to learning several different concepts at once and still making sense of them.]
  • I think that we have the same amount of time as before. We still do our PQ during class time and could ask questions if we need to.
  • I think that class time this week was extremely useful however, I messed up on my own by not being productive during class. 
  • I am slowly opening up to the idea of flipped class room. I like the idea that the flipped class room is when you can give the students the chance to take learning into their own hands. I feel like I am changing as a student because I am doing my work at my own pace and also my own pace of learning.
  • If i could change one thing it would have to be the videos. I prefer watching one long videos as opposed to two short videos. I thing i would definitely keep forever and ever and ever is the WSQ chart. I think the chart keeps me on task and lets me know what to expect. [comment from me: this is one of the few students who prefers the longer videos.  Students generally have up to 15 minutes of video to watch a night (sometimes shorter). I try to break it up into 5-7 minute chunks and most students like that better.]
  • I wouldn't change anything because everything we do is useful or maybe just take the summary out. The videos and SSS we can always go back to them for help.
  • I really like how everything is ran but the only thing is that now that we have the playlists I feel like there is more work. One thing I would definitely keep is the guided summary. I feel like it helps point us in the direction of what we need to focus on and what not to focus on.   
  • This week was fine. The flipped classroom is not for me, but seems to be helping other students. I feel I am becoming somewhat in lead of my own learning as a student becuase if we cared to get a good grade, we would watch the lessons.

Algebra 1 students

  • Class time this week for me was really good, I was able to take quizzes, and get most of my classwork done. I feel that flipped class is helping me learn more about the chapter we are on. I love how we can work with anyone in the class if we need help! Also, i liked how each morning we worked on a 'ICGI' because it helped us get ready for that part of the test. Yes, I feel that i am changing as a student in many ways. The way i use my time in class has changed, and I am understanding the concepts a lot more than I used to. 
  • If i could change one thing about the flipped class, it would be to have a short video on the homework. For example, sometimes when I take a look at the PQ's, I don't understand problems when I am finishing them at home and I end up getting stuck. It would be nice if there were videos of problems from the PQ's. One thing to keep forever is writing a summary in our notebook after watching the video. 
  • I feel good this week went very well with the flipped classroom it feels the same as all the other flipped classrooms.  Class this week was difficult and easy. Reason being is because some of the assignments made sense too me but half the time i wasn't coming in for tutoring so i guess that's why most of the curriculum was pretty hard for me. The flipped class videos really do help, especially when i'm in need of some review videos. Also in need of a little bit of help. In a way I am changing as a student because before some of this stuff never made sense to me at all, and now most of it does.
  • i like the way class has been going; it's making me more responsible. i have to get my work done on my own time and keeping at my own pace. i like that a lot i feel like its helping me do better as a person and student.
  • I feel like I'm changing as a student because I moved to the good side and i get help from my fellow classmates.
  • i wouldn't change anything, i like the way its all going. i wouldn't change that every student gets to go at their own pace because it seems helpful to everyone this way. i like that we can still get everything signed off when we need it to be signed. 
  • the one thing is we should have at least two days to watch the we have time then get it signed off
  • I enjoy the flipped classroom very much!  Class time was very productive for me because I had to get ready for the test that was coming up.  It was very hectic because I was going back and forth putting the quizzes back while taking another one.  
  • I like having guided questions rather than a summary because the summary takes a lot of time from be because I have to write it down.  It takes me long just to think what I'm going to write down.  I want it to be thorough.  I wouldn't change letting us take the quizzes on our own because it helps me know that I'm not rushing.  The flipped classroom is the best!

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