Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 9 Student Thoughts: Take Home Test

Student feedback on the process was positive. I won't be grading these tests until later this week during spring break, so I'll have to post again later about that. Students liked the ability to use all available resources and having as much time as needed (some students spent 8 hours on the test!) to work through the trigonometric proofs.

I like to give take home tests for my students for the three trigonometric identity chapters so my students have as long as they need to struggle and work through the problems without the pressure of having to get it right the first time through.  Hopefully I will be able to continue the take home tests for the next two units.

I think the take home test gave us more time to think about and double check our answers instead of just having 40 minutes of class. Also, it's less pressuring doing the test at home because of the time thing. I think the expectations are reasonable since you shouldn't be able to have the help of anyone else but our resources. The test is only about our smartness and not of the other people!

I like the take home test for these lessons b/c they do take up a lot more time, but what I don’t like is having homework on top of that I would rather like to focus on the test. 

I think that the take home tests can be really good, if and only if people can be honest. If people are honest then it can be almost an assured A on the test. I predict that these tests will have a pretty high average compared to the other tests.

I like this better i have time to watch over the videos again and when i need help go back to them to refresh my memory. Using my sss was very helpful too they may not be the similar problems but somewhat alike and it helps reviewing them.

I really enjoyed the take home test. I was glad that we were able to use all the resources because for some of the tests that we took before.. I was stuck on some of the problems and with the student made videos, I was able to complete my test to the best of my ability.

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