Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Flipped Data" (PART 2 FOR Algebra 1 - Chapter 8b)

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For Chapter 8b, my "flipped" students averaged about 7% higher than last year.  This is great news!   I had the exact same % of student receiving A's this year compared to last, which has rarely happened this year.  However, I still had a higher percentage of students receiving D's (same % of F's).

This was the first chapter that students were given the freedom to take the concept quizzes on their own time.  Some students never got around to taking any of the quizzes, which are meant to prepare them for the test and guide them in their learning. 

2012 Algebra 1 Data notes:

I'm having a little issue with using this data to compare my current students to my 2010-2011 students because the classes were so different in terms of incoming ability level.  My students from this year were already so much lower than last year, that I don't know if I can expect to see improvement in comparison to the two years from test to test based on the flipped classroom.  But, I think I can look at improvement in the GAP that existed between the two classes.

The picture below shows comparison scores for the End of the First Semester for last year and this year.  Both courses were taught identically (no flipping, same materials, resources, tests, etc).  Right off the bat, you can see that my students this year have had more than twice the failure rate that I had last year (15.2% vs. 32.1%). I had more F's 1st semester in my three Algebra 1 classes than I think I have had in all my years teaching combined (or at least close to that!)  In addition, students receiving A's or B's at the First Semester was 9.7% lower this year than last year.

In addition to the overall semester grade comparison, I also pulled some test scores from the first semester of each year (both non-flipped) to compare the two classes and to see if the "samples" were similar...  All of these averages include the FINAL scores students received after being given the opportunity to retake the test.  In 2010-2011, the retake score was capped at 75% (school policy).  In 2011-2012, I was given permission to allow a full 100% retake of tests.  (So, the averages in 2010-2011 would have been even higher had students been able to receive a full 100% in the gradebook).

Chapter 1  2011-2012 were lower by -4.47%
Chapter 2a (did not have 2010-2011 raw data)
Chapter 2b  2011-2012 were lower by -9.77%
Chapter 3  2011-2012 were lower by -10.92%
Chapter 4  2011-2012 were lower by -8.51%
Chapter 5 & 6 tests were not comparable because the content was switched around between 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.

On average, my students this year scored 8.42% lower than my students last year on the first semester tests.

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