Thursday, March 29, 2012

Parents and the Flipped Classroom (part 1)

Tonight was Open House, so I had all the parents who came fill out a short survey on the flipped class.  I had 33 parents come out of 180 (18%).

I sent out the survey to the rest of the parents via Edmodo, so hopefully I will get some more responses soon.  However, here's what we have after Open House:

Do you see your student watching math videos at home?

Do you think the flipped classroom has helped your student in math class?
Has not helped at all00%
Stayed about the same/haven't noticed a difference721%
helped a little927%
helped a lot1752%
Haven't really paid attention00%
There was also some open-ended questions, and parents said things such as:

(Student) enjoys flipped class. I think this concept should be utilized in more classes.

She stays up to late watching the videos, BUT this is better than her doing all her problems
that late.

I like the new system a lot. Because my daughter is always doing interesting things on the
computer.  I want to Congratulate You,  Thanks for always sending me the Text messages 
and always keeping in touch about my daughters education, and I hope i keep counting 
with your help I have very good comments from my daughter about you. Thank You so
 Much and God bless you.

No, but I have noticed that (student) has actually been practicing and doesn't stress so much 
like she was during first semester. 

From what I've seen and what my student has told me about her expierence to this point,
 I think its a great tool for teaching. And it appears to be successful in my opinion. 

it helps students to do better in class

As far as areas that (student) still doesn't understand, I always encourage him to come to
you for help. With the flipped class is this taking the place of in class learning to move 
on to other areas more quickly?  How has this helped and have you noticed a major
 improvement in other students?

I think the videos are good and help (student) learn the concepts. 

i see him watching and writhing notes 

I really think it has helped (student)

my son loves it. has not complained about the class. loves math

what is the reason for which flipped classroom is used

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