Saturday, March 17, 2012

Student-Created Videos - Math Analysis (First time trying)

Here are some sample videos from the first day I introduced Student-Created Videos to my students in Math Analysis.  They were created using Educreations on my iPad.

For this upcoming unit, all students will be required to make THREE videos (1-3 minutes each) using either my iPad, my Document Camera, their cell phone video camera, or a regular video camera.  I am excited to see how it turns out.

These first samples were three of my students "first tries" since they finished and understood the content pretty quickly.

My goal is that the students make these videos in partners (similar to the first one where it is me and another student).  The other two sample videos are single students, and there is definitely room for improvement (some more than others!).  But, it's a learning experience and I think it's GREAT!

My students' first reactions towards "having" to make videos was not that positive, but I think it was mainly because (1) it's new and (2) it's kind of awkward at first.  I hope after this unit of trying them they will think more highly of it.

(Let me know if the videos don't show up or don't play embedded here... thanks!)


  1. Love this!
    At the end of this unit in PreCal, I give each student two "problem-problem" proofs (pretty tricky ones, but differentiated for different student levels) and they have to make a poster outlining and showing their proof. This would be a better product/project, as students could orally explain their thinking.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it :) I'm excited to see the products that come out next week; I will be sure to post them. This was day 1 of trigonometric proofs, so they will be working on much more complex ones later this week. I hope the students find it a meaningful and fun way to practice and show their knowledge. If your students make any, be sure to share them :)


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