Saturday, March 17, 2012

Student-Created Videos - Algebra 1 (First time trying)

My students started creating their own videos today!  I had them use the iPad app EduCreations (it’s the simplest one I’ve found that doesn’t require much teaching).  While students were very apprehensive at first, a few of them jumped at the opportunity and I think their excitement will transfer to the other students.  I’ve posted the sample videos from Algebra 1 today here.  I will be posting the videos for all students to view and use on Edmodo.

Like any first attempt, there is room for progress, but I think their first attempts were great.

The "funnest" part of it for the students was being able to use my iPad.  Hey, if that will get them engaged and excited about math, I'll take it!

Any tips or suggestions you have for me that I can pass on to my students as we continue to "try" this out is appreciated.


  1. Great suggestion! Thank you! Have you tried for student presentations? They could upload powerpoints and add voice. They could write on board and their classmates could give feedback!

    1. I've gone to voice thread and tried to play around with it but got a little confused along the way. I might look into it some more. I am trying to make this as "one step" as possible for my freshmen. Thanks for the suggestion!

      I just found out that you can add pics and stuff to educreations as a backdrop and then annotate on the screen. I may try that for next week.


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