Friday, June 29, 2012

#ISTE12 - my "Table of Contents"

After a good night's sleep (or two), I think I'm finally ready to look through all the notes, handouts, business cards, websites, and QR codes that I accumulated over my four days in San Diego.  I literally have no idea how to make sense of it all, so we will see what this turns into.

The purpose of me blogging through this is for me to make sure
(1) I remember what I heard
(2) I think about what I heard
(3) I consider how I am going to use what I heard. 

If you have further questions about anything, feel free to ask; otherwise, I have tried to also get the presenter's contact information so you can contact them directly as well.


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ISTE posts to start off...
My personal focus for ISTE was to attend sessions on the following:
KEYNOTES (links to YouTube videos only)

CONCURRENT SESSIONS (grouped by day)


  • Information Fluency: Getting students to Evaluate what they find (Carl Heine, Dennis O'Connor)
  • Creating an environment for students to succeed using technology (Ben Smith, Jared Mader)
    • Blog/Podcasts - Audacity
    • Wikispaces for collaboration
    • "Be vague"
    • Kids update class blog on schedule
    • Have tutorials on website
  • Top 10 Learning activities for Meaningful integration of Web 2.0 tools (Shufang Shi, Sophia Tan)
  • VoiceThread: Students communicating, collaborating, and loving it (Lisa Butler)
  • Teachers become movie stars: Muscogee County Educators Make Podcasts (Tony Vincent, Tina Cross, Shawn Cruzen, Richard Green)
  • Curriculum 2.0: integrating digital age skills into instruction (Katie Hecklinger)
  • Building the edtech toolbox: Professional learning in bytes (Leslie Perry)
  • Educational iPad App Database (Kyle Calderwood)
  • Blog What? Blogging in the middle school math classroom (Jane Germany)
  • Math Tappers: Apps for iOS device (Leslee Francis-Pelton, Tim Pelton)
  • Hot iPad Apps for the Math Classroom (Margaret Thombs, Kimberly Frezza, Sara Spellman, Jenny Tsankova)
  • Algebra 24x7 through the use of iPads (Loretta Asay, Jennifer Andricopulos, Sherwood Jones)
  • Algebra: The interactive way to learn with HTML5 (Caesar Villareal, Ramon Aragon, Eriberto Castillo,
  • Coaching teachers to implement student-centered, technology-rich instruction (Davis Brock, Alice Christie, Kyle Kallhoff)
  • Making the Common Core Uncommonly Exciting (Jamie Hagan)
  • Apptivities: Creative Classroom Lessons for your iPad (Jon Samuelson)
    • @ipadsammy
  • No Boundaries: Using iPads to Reach English Language Learners (Heather Parris-Fitzpatrick, Lisa Estrada, Laverne Mitchell, Regina Moraitis)
  • Flipped Math Classroom (Wayne Feller, Kristin Daniel)
  • Flipped instruction in the language arts classroom (Troy Cockrum)
  • How can we use geometry to build a game? (Karolina Piedra Segura, Oscar Perez)
    WANT TO WATCH V.O.D. (approximate titles) (COMING SOON)

    • Monday:
      • Ignite #1
      • Elementary Math
      • Comic Life
      • Creativity
      • iLearn
      • Change
      • Apps
      • Creative iPad Apps
      • Textbook
      • Smartphones
      • Digital Work
      • Google Apps
    • Tuesday
      • Blooms
      • Graphic Inequiries
      • Applying Apps
      • Edugames
      • Ignite #2
      • Overcoming the Algebra Barrier with Mobile Devices
    • Wednesday
      • Digital Content
      • Media Makers
      • Mentor Teachers
      • Multiplayer math gaming
      • Did they get it? Assessment and Edmdoo
      • Beyond Literacy
      • Curators of Knowledge: Students' new role in the digital collaborative classroom
      • Film Festival
      • Google Tools
      • Hollywood Squares
      • 99 free resources and projects for digital age learning

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