Friday, June 29, 2012

#ISTE12: Digitizing Math Metacognition (Jennie Magiera)

Jennie Magiera

Session Prezi -

Notes (from presenters in bold, from me in italics):
  • A lot of times when we talk about math we are talking about the answer... but isn't it more about the path?? About HOW they got there? Yes Yes Yes :) My students hate this because it makes them think, but it is so much more valuable!  I still am looking for an effective way to make it clear to my students the importance of the path vs. the answer.
These standards focus a lot more on the "how" and not the "answer".  It is more about the process and not just the finish line! The more I hear/read about Common Core, the more I feel that my flipped classroom can help me to provide opportunities for my students to really develop these "habits of mind of productive mathematical thinkers"
SAMR model by Dr. Ruben Puentedura - "Bloom's Taxonomy of Tech Integration" Surprisingly, I've never actually heard of this model before.  I think it does a good job of organizing how we truly do integrate tech in our classrooms.  It is easy to "enhance" the classroom by substituting or augmenting, but it takes more thought, planning, and research to truly transform your classroom with technology.  
Substitute - replacing flash cards with an app that does the same thing but is prettier. Augment - a little bit extra. Keeps score and has a timer. Modify - Objective still the same but applies it a little more. Redefine - Take the objective but disrupt the activity into something you can't do without technology (example - kids facetiming with kids in other schools...sharing ideas and helping each other)
  •  Three little pigs analogy
    • Third little pig comes and tells the straw house that he should be using brick.  So, the first little pig just starts taping bricks to his straw house.  Of course, the straw house just comes tumbling down!  He needs to tear down the straw house and build from the ground up!
    • We can't just tape technology onto our paper and pencil classroom... we must restructure! 
    • This analogy was brilliant.  I think it is easy when we hear of all these cool tech tools to just start "taping them up" in our classroom when in reality, that is just going to make our classroom come crashing down.  We must redesign and restructure our classroom when we are incorporating the technology (when of course the technology enhances the learning goal, not just because it's cool!)
  • Moving from teacher-centered to student-centered
  • Digitizing Differentiation
    • Record different videos at different levels... assign different videos to different kids
      • What an interesting idea and great way to differentiate.  That would take a LOT of time and planning, and really knowing your kids.  This might be an idea to try out this year, but not one to adopt completely because it's a lot of time.
    • Mathademics YouTube Channel - another place to possible curate content from
    • Think alouds - modeling metacognition because I am talking through my thought processes
      • When recording my FC videos, make sure that I am modeling that metacognition and not just working through the problems.
    • Great for Special Education
    • Not "flipping the classroom" but "cloning the teacher"
      • Interesting perspective
  • Collaboration  
    • Airplay by Apple TV
      • Wall flowers don't have to come to the front of the room, and goof-offs don't completely waste time and distract class... yet everyone is participating and involved.   
    • Kickin it up with Doceri ($30)
    • Skype in Schools
    • Edmodo
      • Silent discussions with iPads having a chat on Edmodo.  Class conversation projected on big screen as well. All students are involved, not just the "loud" ones.
  •  Assessment
    •  Google Tools for assessment
      • Exit Ticket on google forms
      • Ask for the answer, but then also ask "explain your answer"
        • I need to add this to my online WSQs for the "secret question" part - instead of just asking for the answer, I should have a followup question asking them to "explain their answer".  They can choose to write in words the explanation, or talk through it on a screencast or short video and put the link there.
    • PaperPort notes
      • Doesn't record screen movements
    •  Educreations
      • Students talk through their thinking
    • Toontastic
      • Student created problems
      • Seems somewhat elementary, but my high school students may still have fun with it
      • They don't publish the resolution, then they trade and solve each others
  • Digitizing Math Metacognition
    • Dan Meyer's Three Acts
      • Show Video
      • Watch the video twice
      • Ask any questions that you have
      • Have kids either find info, or give them the needed info
      • Have students explain how to solve the problem with educreations, focusing on their metacognition
    •  Real World Problems
      • Actually recording a problem myself from the real world for my students to use
        • I would like to start thinking of these things throughout the course of the school year. It hasn't been at the top of my priority list, even though it probably should be.  One of these days :)

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