Friday, June 29, 2012

#ISTE12: EduTecher's Web Tools will make your classroom rock! (Adam Bellow)

  • Adam Bellow (@eduTecher)

  •  - this site has links to all the web tools he presented, so check them out!
    • Note: Why use symbaloo?  Then students don't have to type in URLs, they just click on image to go where you want them to!

Notes (from presenters in bold, from me in italics):
  • 42 million new websites since last year's ISTE
  • Web 2.0 - that's a term that is 12 years old... call them "web tools" - then you can categorize them by type
  • It's not about the tools - it's about what you do with them... and more about what your STUDENTS do with them!
  • Avoid the pitfalls
    • Free webtools are not always free...they have to stay afloat somehow!
    • Always have a plan B
    • "If the pencil breaks, you get another pencil and move on"
    • Positives outweigh the negatives for using these tools
    • Keep Learning! There is no finish line!
  • Try one new things at a time, and figure out if it works...and do it well!
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - the number of new "web tools" I was exposed to this week is astronomical.  We can't try them all out at once - we will overwhelm ourselves and our students.  
WEBTOOLS SHARED in presentation:
  • Money-saving web tools
    • Aww (a web whiteboard) - can all log in and learn together. Just click on "share" and invite others to the URL, then you can all work together.
    • Mentimeter (like a smart clicker, but free). Students can vote on any device that has access to the web (phone, computer, etc.) Graphic automatically updates as votes come in.
  • Social Webtools
  • Study Apps
    • - students (or teachers!) can create study groups where students can collaborate by talking, video-chatting, sending files, etc. I'm having my students pilot it to see what they think. I like it as a better alternative to my "chats" I had via google docs this year.
  • Movie Making
    • PhotoStory
    • WeVideo (social editing and sharing software) 2-3 people can be on the same video at the same time!
  • Flipping the Classroom
    • (PowerPoint + webcam)
    • ShowMe (create your own lessons, or curate ones that are already made!) "Real Teachers using real content making videos"
    • Password: eduTecher
      • Gets rids of ads and comments, has chat/backchannel to use
    • YouTube EDU, YouTube for teachers
  • Put the computer to work for you
  • Just for fun:
    • Auto-tweeting
      • Keynotetweet2 - he got his tweets to live tweet as he was talking
    • Create Music
      • (it lets you sing - terribly - and then let's you fix it)
  •  Other
    • - creates great infographics
    • - can send yourself an email in the future; great for reflection

From all this, the web tools I like the most and will be exploring first are:
1. ThinkBinder - To use for "chat sessions"
2. WeVideo - to encourage students to use for video projects
3. ShowMe - as a location to curate content from

The web tools I want to explore more and could see some use, but aren't on my priority list are:
3. Aww
4. Mentimeter 

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