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Note: I would highly suggest you check out these sessions yourself as well, because what stood out to me may not be what impacts you the most! :) 
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Can I just say that I am so excited for all the amazing sessions to be archived?  I seriously want to watch them all!

This morning, I was able to watch Brian Bennett's (@bennettscience) keynote speech and "attend" Jerry Overmyer's (@jerryovermyer) workshop on "Flipped Classroom: Past, Present, and Future"

Brian Bennett's (@bennettscience) keynote speech

Brian did an excellent job of opening up the Flipped Class Conference by really focusing on the shifts that must occur in our educational mindset, the setup of our classroom space, and how we spend our class time.

Here are some things that stood out to me, which is definitely not all inclusive of everything he talked about... (from Brian in bold, from me in italics):

  • We can’t just give our students a list of assignments with videos "sprinkled" in. We can just be running around like crazy to check assignments off during class time
    • I would like to transition away from this next year, because I do see myself a little bit like that. This year I required all my students to watch my videos, and I will still be a little bit at that point next year, just because I feel like I'm still trying to get it all figured out. I went away from "checking" assignments in class near the end of the year, mainly because I had my students submit their stuff online and we didn't need to use class time for that. I want my students to transition to the mindset of doing practice/assignments/activities for LEARNING and not just to get them signed off...that is a deeply set-in mindset the students at our school have (and I'm sure most places!)
  • Change the physical space of the classroom to encourage collaboration - desks not in rows; moveable/mobile seating arrangements.
    • This is one of my huge goals for next year. I have 44 desks and separate chairs...and that's it. I want to have separate areas of my classroom - for group work, for video watching, for video making, for small-group re-teaching, for "quizzing", etc... still not sure how that is going to actually look with the furniture that I have in my classroom. I wonder what it would be like if I bought some circular picnic tables or something? I don't want to spend that much money though...I will be brainstorming and planning/mapping it out this summer
  • Stacey Roshan@buddyxo - To make #flipclass work you must CHANGE the way you THINK about structuring your classroom #flipcon12
    • If anything, I would say that the flipped classroom is a MINDSET shift more than anything, just like Brian's speech was about.  I don't think I would have said that 6 months ago... The Flipped Classroom is not about the videos, it is about the shift in mindset of what a classroom should look like and what the role of the teacher and the student are.
  • Traditional assessment doesn’t work for everyone!
    • changing assessment - can give students oral exams!
    • Choice board
    • Crystal Kirch@crystalkirch  wondering if alternative assessment options on "menus" can completely replace traditional assessment? huge step... #flipclass#flipcon12
    • Brian Bobbitt@MrBrianBobbitt Provide opportunities for students to create their best work and great results happen. @bennettscience #flipcon12
      • HUGE FOCUS FOR ME THIS SUMMER. I bought a book on Menus from Amazon, and I have the  http://daretodifferentiate.wikispaces.com/ bookmarked.  Can't wait to re-think how I assess my students and trying to move away from the regular paper-pencil quiz and test that I've been using the last 5 years.  I still want to keep those as options, but I really want to let my students have more choice in how they show me that they understand.  Scary step!  Two months to think it through!
  • Brett Clark@Mr_Brett_Clark My students were asking questions because they were given the opportunity to ask questions. @bennettscience #flipcon12
    • I can't tell you how much this is true for me as well!  Students in math class are not used to being able to ask questions and discuss!  Even though with the "time-shift" in instruction, they aren't always able to ask the questions IMMEDIATELY after hearing it on the video, they have so much more time to actually get them answered individually in class.  It makes me think of exactly what my student said here http://youtu.be/JlDbTsv1nMc?t=6m17s and here http://youtu.be/JlDbTsv1nMc?t=7m23s about being able to get her questions answered.

We make the choice...we start actually doing it...and we will see change!

Jerry Overmyer's (@jerryovermyer) workshop on "Flipped Classroom: Past, Present, and Future"

Jerry was absolutely hilarious. His presentation style is just so enjoyable and keeps you engaged. It was also nice to see him "in person" (virtually) since I worked with him on getting my "Flipped Classroom Survey" out in March/April. Data is posted at www.flippedclassroomdata.blogspot.com, but I'm going to do a second run-through later this summer, so if you haven't filled out the survey, please do so!!

Here are some thoughts from Jerry that stood out to me.  (from Jerry in bold, from me in italics):

  • It takes TIME! Every year add something new and tweak it!
    • I have to constantly remind myself that I am in YEAR 1 of flipping and I don't have to be perfect! There are so many things I want to do and try, but honestly, I may just not be ready for them yet and I need to develop at my own pace. It was great to be reminded that Aaron and Jon took 6 years to get where they are at, and they are even still making adjustments and changes to their flipped classroom.
  • Instead of going over a quiz or test in class, make a video of it - do this for test answer keys???
    • I think this would be a much more efficient/effective way of making my test answer keys... instead of doing them on the actual test and having a copy just for myself, doing them on educreations or something similar and posting them for students to go over. Save me a lot of time, save them a lot of time = everyone happy! This would mean I would definitely have to change the tests every year (which I generally do anyways).
  • Jon and Aaron started it out of selfish reasons: “We were sick and tired of tutoring” (for students missing class for sports)
    • I can empathize. One of my first reasons was "Never work harder than your students", and I was killing myself with 2 hours of FREE tutoring every day for my students - 7-8am and 3-4pm every day. Way too much and I was getting burnt out. Now, I still have students coming to tutoring, but it is much less because a lot of the help they need they can get by re-watching the lesson video at home! Must more efficient and effective!
  • “Our class is doing a shift because of ________. These are the expectations: ___________.  
    • These are the blanks I want to have clearly filled in for myself for Day 1. I already kinda know what I want to say and how I want to say it, but I want to have it all put together come August 22nd. I will blog about it as I decide how it's going to be presented.
  • Parents:  “A new instructional technique where your students hw will be changing from ‘do these 10 problems’ to ‘ ________’
    • Same thing here - still need to decide exactly how I am going to present it to parents.
  • DISABLE comments on YouTube!
    • Random comment that i need to remember to do... it's just one extra button, but I never click it!


Up for this afternoon:
Andy Schwen with "Managing the Flipped Classroom using Google Apps" at 11:15 my time
Steve Kelly with "Flipping out: Reinventing yourself using the Flip Model" at 12:30 my time
Brian Gervase with the 2nd keynote session (panel of students, administrator, and parent) at 1:45 my time

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