Monday, June 4, 2012

Positive comments from Parents on the #flipclass

To follow up with my last post on receiving criticism, I decided to list all the positive comments I heard from parents about the Flipped Classroom so far :)  [I've received 54 parent responses out of approximately 160 so far]

  • It is a great way to learn and I highly suggest you still keep on doing this
  • I believe it has been very successful.
  • Keep teaching the way you are.
  • The flipped class has really helped [student] with the math concepts.
  • I think that it is all good so far.
  • The flipped classroom method seems to be a good idea, and appears to help the students learn the curriculum easier. 
  • I think the concept of the flipped class is a good one. My son is constantly watching these videos, although at first I did not realize he was doing his homework! 
  • I think what you're doing now is great.
  • [Student] loved the flipped classroom mainly because it was something new.
  • My daughter tells me how much she likes it so I don't think you should make any changes. Love that tutoring is available when needed.
  • The flipped classroom is good because we see what our kids learn.
  • Nothing, they were really helpful for my child and had a positive effect on her math learning this year.
  • I am not very aware of what it is all about i just know you learn at home and get extra help in class but this year [student] has done so much better in math compared to her past years 
  • Flipped class paves the way for my kid to learn math skills  not only inside the classroom but  also at home- it's like having a classroom at home.
  • This seemed to be a good idea to teach.
  • I would just like to Thank Mrs. Kirch not only for her Flipped Classroom but also for being the dedicated teacher that she is.  She and this new program are solely responsible for my daughters new found love for math, she now talks about college and is looking forward to furthering her education after High School.  [Student] has always struggled with math, until this new program her grade in math was an "F" she's currently earning a "B", which has never happened since her educational career began 10+ years ago.  Mrs. Kirch and her Flipped Classroom are an asset to the [district], the parents and most importantly the students that are lucky enough to get her as their teacher!  
  • I Thank You For Helping My Sister Pass Math This Year.
  • This is a good program to children who want to learn more by themselves and go out of the classroom. This is a positive effect for those children.
  • Thank you Mrs. Kirch!
  • I liked the way you did the flipped classroom. It seems my son does better in math.
  • I feel that it was nice to have this at home so the students can review as many times as possible 
  • Only that you are doing a wonderful job with the students. The flipped classroom is a wonderful concept, my daughter has benefited so much from your videos.  

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