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Reflections on Week 17 (Previews of End-Of-Year Survey))

We have 9 more days of school.  My seniors have 4 more days of school.  It is hard to believe it is the end of the year.

This is what I LOVE about the end of the year:
  • The prospects of not waking up to an alarm clock for two months
  • Getting to plan for a whole new group of students in August!
  • Getting to start fresh and try new things!
  • Cleaning and organizing the junk that has accumulated over the last 9-10 months
This is what I HATE about the end of the year:
  • Dealing with senioritis, especially since I teach a class where no seniors ever need my class to graduate so it is their lowest priority
  • Feeling like there's still more I could do to work with these kids, but being out of time and handing them off to the next teacher hoping they won't lose everything they've learned from me (referring to non-math things here)
  • Saying goodbye to a group of students who I've really grown close to and bonded with
This week:
No School Monday
Department Collaboration Day Tuesday
Delayed Start Wednesday (short days)
One Regular Day Thursday
Modified (minimum) day Friday

So, I pretty much had one normal day with my students again this week...  
I am really feeling the affects of being pulled out of my classroom so much this year.  I have missed a month of school this year - and NONE of them were sick days. 
I have tried to still expect the same out of my students the last three weeks, but it has been insane since I have missed 3 of the last 8 school days, and out of the 5 days I have been there, 4 have been short/weird schedule days. 
Although I love the flipped classroom in terms of my students can still continue through the content, I cannot depend on a sub to fully maintain the environment of my classroom - especially at this point in the year when students are so ready for summer and they struggle to stay focused and work even when I am there.

My End of the Year survey responses will be finished by the end of this week, but here are some previews!  I'll be doing more detailed summaries and blog posts in a couple of weeks with all of the responses.

What part of the Flipped Classroom this last year was most beneficial to you as a student? (will have these answers on video once interviews are done being filmed - I can't wait to hear these straight from the student's mouth!)
  • I think the most beneficial part of flipped classroom was not having to spend more than an hour on homework at home, since in class you finish it in less then an hour
  • When i watch the video it felt like a one on one lesson so that really helped. I got to pause and go back whenever i needed to. 
  • The flipped classroom benefited me this past year by changing my mental idea of learning. In learning I think of how the teachers are responsible for teaching the lesson everyday and if lesson is not taught because the teacher is absent well that leaves the students to be behind on learning and has to be crammed later in the year. But in a flipped classroom you have a pre-made video ready for you before hand and you have a lesson everyday so you have no one to blame but yourself if you miss a video. 
  • The best part of a flipped classroom is having the option to go back and relearn a topic if i need to. This would definitely be the time we get to spend in class working independently and in groups. I get a majority of my questions answered there and Mrs. Kirch is always very personally and willing to help; the best part is that she actually has the time to help out individually.
  • The most beneficial part for me as a student was that I got more help on my homework in class where I need it, instead of not needing it at home, where I learn the lesson.
  • I think that being able to collaborate with my classmates has been one of the best parts of flipped classroom. The most beneficial thing for me about flipped classroom is that it helped to understand things better.
  • As a student I would have to say the WSQs because it would make you reflect on what you had just learned in the videos.The videos at home and the discussions we had in class about last nights video.
  • Being able to re-watch the lesson and being able to have out teacher helping me individually on a problem in class instead of coming in after school or before school.
  • The Flipped Classroom made me a lot more responsible. As a student, i was able to experience a really busy schedule as their was a video to watch, notes to take, and a summary to fill out every single night. There was no way you could finish "math" homework the period before class since you need a device to watch the videos.
  • The most beneficial part about the flipped classroom was being able to ask my teacher for help in class. In a normal class you normally can't ask several questions because you have to get through the entire lesson plan before the period ends. In flipped classroom, you can ask for help and usually can get one to one time with the teacher, which is good because you can learn at your own pace. 
  • The part of the Flipped Classroom this past year that was most beneficial to me as a student would definitely be being able to receive extra help in class. As a senior in a predominately junior class it was also helpful to have 36 other people who could help me with homework during class since it's often difficult to find people outside of class who could help me. 
  • The part that was most beneficial for me was that when i didn't get a concept i can just keep watching the video at my own rate of learning instead of being in a class at everybody else's pace.
  • Being able to work with a group in class to be able to understand the video better.
  • I liked the new setting, and this placed a positive attitude on my education especially during a tough and stressful junior year.  I liked this new setup because I gave it a chance, and I found it beneficial in learning and in relieving some stress at the end of the day.
  • The most beneficial part of the flipped classroom this past year or so was being able to re-watch or rewind the videos. It gave me a better feeling of the concept as I knew what was important and it helped me get a better understanding being able to actually go back and analyze the concept.
  • The part that was beneficial to the flipped classroom was being able to understand each concept in depth with the wsq. The wsq helped answered some unanswered questions that I did not get, It also helps to have the power to rewatch the videos in order to master them.
  • The part that was most beneficial to me as a student is that it required me to take responsibility for my own learning. 
  • Overall getting to know a new option or method of learning and exploring it in a way that actually helped me learn and gave me the power to dictate my education.
  • The part that was most beneficial to me as a student was that the video was always available. That let us reference it as many times as possible in case we needed to review it. 
  • It made me way more organized with my homework and class assignments.
  • Watching the video beforehand in order to be prepared to learn the next day. it also makes us better students because we can help others if they don't understand the concept.
  • Watching the videos obviously. At first in traditional i was a bit behind because Mrs. Kirch went really fast we learned something new each day whether it was easy or very difficult. So, being able to re-watch videos was helpful. 
  • The part of watching videos at home w/ out distractions. Also, helping people out, and taking quizzes and getting them graded soon. It teaches you to be responsible for the work you get done.
  • The most beneficial part of the flipped classroom is the ability to receive help from peers and the teacher during the class period.
  • The abundance of resources and the ability to watch past concepts when i needed a refresher. 
  • The most beneficial part of the Flipped Classroom is being in group in class and having classmates help me with the problems that I didn't quite understand the night before.
  • Being able to receive help from Mrs. Kirch as well as other students.
  • The part of the flipped classroom this last year that was most beneficial to me as a student was that if I forgot or didn't really understand a concept, I could rewatch the videos to help me clarify my misconceptions.
  • I believe that the videos we had to make on our own, teaching how to do a certain problem helped to review the concept more. We had to learn how to do the problems and be able to explain it, so it was more practice for us and for those who watched them as well. 
  • It was really the same just instead of 45 minute lessons in school you'll get 10 maybe 20  at home and it was beneficial to me because I kept getting less in trouble with homework incomplete
  • The most beneficial thing for me was the wsq chart. In reality i did not want to get a homework card so i had the motivation to get my work done on time. Also if i wanted to work ahead it told me exactly what i needed to do. 
  • The most beneficial thing to me would be that there was an easier way to bond with my classmates over being able to talk about the problem. Also, anyone can be a teacher once a topic is learned. 
  • The part that was most beneficial to me was that the videos were very elaborate,  and i noticed a big change in my learning experience compared to my freshman and sophomore math classes.
  • The part where you had us do most of our work with a group and you gave us everything in a way so that we learned how to be independent 
  • Doing the homework in class. Just like I explained in the previous question. It helped me from going from a D average in math to a B
  • The part that was most beneficial to me was that I got to communicate with my group members about the assignments. At home, it's pretty hard to get help especially since there's no one to get help from really.
  • Definitely working at my own pace has helped me since at times i find classes to be too slow and i quickly lose interest or too fast and i give up. Also the summary at the end allows me to assess what i just learned and think about it. 
  • The part that was most beneficial was that all the assignments for the next few weeks was always displayed. This allowed me to get ahead of the class by working on the assignments for later days. I could spend time in class helping other students since I would have already learned their current concept.
  • I think the online submissions really worked because they ensured that we understood and paid attention to the key aspects of the concept. Whereas in the summary, we just wrote down what we thought was important, the online wsq made sure that we understood all the terms and points that were mentioned in the video. It also made sure that we understood how to solve the problems (since we had to submit our secret question answers). 
  • The most beneficial part about the Flipped Classroom to me was that we had more one on one time with teacher.  Also, it helped me take responsibility for my own learning.
  • The most beneficial was not going home with a lot of homework. And all the help we got with the problems in class. It helped a lot
  • The part that was the most beneficial for me was the lessons at home because i was out of class most of the time playing sports and this happened every season and i was missing  a lot of class. Before the flipped classroom i would miss lessons and go on my own time which was pretty hard. With the lessons you can miss class and still be on the same track as everyone else.
  • Flipped classroom made me realize that i am responsible for my own learning, and its up to me to succeed in a class where i have all the resources available to me . 
  • Learning without being pressured of the teacher going too fast

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