Sunday, June 10, 2012

My #flipclass Summer To-Do List

This post is really just for me and my organization/planning/accountability, but feel free to read :)

I have one day of "teaching", three days of finals, and a "duty day" where I just need to pack up, clean up, and check out. Wow. Hard to believe this year is over!

My last few reflections have been relatively sporadic because well, that's what life has been like.  I haven't really been trying too many new things in my flipped classroom, I've just been trying to finish up the year strong and not let my kids go too crazy over summer-itis.

I always have big plans over the summer, and I am someone who likes to work hard and play hard... but I can't play until my work is done... I just can't :)  So, my goal is to get as much done near the beginning of the summer while I'm still in work mode.

I am someone that needs to still have a schedule or I will seriously get so lazy. So, my plans for the summer weeks are to get up by 9am (sleeping in, yes!!!), exercise with my hubby (I really want to get back in shape!!!), get housework and/or schoolwork done from 11-4 each day... and then relax and do whatever I want in the evenings.   My definition of relaxing is reading, watching hulu, hanging out with friends, or just surfing the internet.  I'm not to much of a summer beach-goer because of the crowds, but we'll see :)

We are back to work on August 14th for our leadership retreat, so I have exactly 2 months this year.  It will fly by...

To do list over the first two weeks of summer:

--Enjoy FlipCon12 virtually :)
  1. Look at results from parent survey as a whole and reflect on how to better communicate with them next year.
  2. Look at results from student end-of-year survey and reflect. A lot.
  3. Continue editing student interviews on the Flipped Classroom and put them together into a nice, concise summary that I can share.  Probably one short video per question (9 questions).
  4. Record the flipped classroom videos for Units A-E of Math Analysis (the units before the flip).
--Enjoy ISTE12 in San Diego :)

To do list over summer as a whole:
  1. Curriculum - Final edits on SSS packets for Units E-V of Math Analysis and Chapters 1-11 of Algebra 1. Send to print shop and create organized curriculum binder.  Include PQ/PT within SSS packets. Decide on quiz system for next year and get that organized.
  2. New Videos - Make videos for Algebra 1 Chapters 1,2a,2b,3,4.
  3. Video edits - go through and edit/organized videos for Math Analysis Units F-V, Algebra 1 Chapters 5-11.  Lesson videos organized with objectives and embedded from  Supplementary resources, videos, articles, links, etc embedded from  Really do some searching/curating for great resources to link to.
  4. Student websites - and 
  5. "Flip Articles and Advice" site - get it organized! I have a long list of links that I want to put on there, I just haven't had time to do so.
  6. - update and organize!
  7. Put together the videos for Parents and for Students introducing them to the flipped classroom.

To think through over the summer:
  1. Use of student blogs next year?  If so - where to host, what to require, how to teach?  I'm thinking of having students do things like Emilia Carrillo talks about here - having them create their own MentorMob playlists of resources for a Unit, and even including a quiz!  Could be fun...
  2. Read back through all my posts and decide on the true Keepers and Tweakers for next year. I don't want to change it up as much next year because students need some consistency... so what worked the best and what structure do I want to have for Year 2?

Am I planning to be an overachiever?  We will see come August!  I am looking forward to a productive yet relaxing summer.  Nothing on my list above is something I am dreading; in fact, I am really looking forward to having the time to work on this stuff... I find it fun and fulfilling :)

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