Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flipped Classroom Resource List

As more and more people are asking me about the Flipped Classroom, I decided to put all the "resource links" that I've been involved in creating in one place so it's easy for me to point them somewhere.

Connect with others here: - Flipped Classroom "Social Network" - over 5000 educators!
#flipclass on Twitter - amazing PD and connecting with other educators - connect with other flippers from around the world in all subject areas. Will be updated this summer.
Edmodo groups:
Flip Share - 0ywjwj
Flipping your Classroom - x8hx3w
Flipped Class (not sure)

While my "Flipped Articles and Advice" tab has (or soon will, once I have time this summer to organize the crazy list of stuff I've collected) a lot of stuff from other people, the list below is stuff just from me :)

My teaching/reflection blog:

My student blogs where I host everything (under construction, will be updated by end of summer)

Link to my 1st webinar on the Flipped Classroom - great for intro (at bottom of blog post):

Link to my 2nd webinar on the Flipped Classroom - great for intro (same basic content as first one):

Prezi that corresponds to my webinar:

"Flipped Classroom Certification" program through - 4 part tutorial series on how to run an effective flipped class.  Participants can choose who they want to learn from (right now it's just me and another teacher)

Information letter about the flipped classroom (this is what I send home to parents/students) - includes "survey" about their access to technology

Sample beginning of year survey to get technology info from students (with some other questions I like to ask as well).  Made with a Google Form.

Sample end of year surveys (all from Google Forms)
Student survey just on Flipped Classroom:
Parent survey
Student survey on school year in general; last page is on Flipped Class (you'll have to type something in to move on to the next pages, but just don't click "submit" on the last page and I've never know!):

Flipped Classroom articles, blogs, advice, etc (under construction, will be updated by end of summer)

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