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End of Year Evaluations (non-flipped stuff)

At the end of every year, I send home a survey to my students for them to evaluate the school year and my class in general.  This is the first year I've published the results... Ready, Set, Go!

I received 149 responses out of my 178 students.  My "low-low" students who were on "individual contract" the last 6 weeks of school did not complete the survey, so almost all of the missing ones were them.   Their data would have been interesting, but I also thought it would skew the general view of the class since they weren't really involved in the regular class.

This post deals with stuff in my classroom in general, not necessarily related to the Flipped Classroom.

These first questions ask students to evaluate the different aspects of my class (not related to the Flipped Classroom)

Right where I want to be :).  Easy for a few, hard for a few, but mainly 'JUST RIGHT' - a fair assessment of my students' learning and understanding of the content.  One student said: "tests this year were accurate reflections of the unit material. they were not hard, and if you actually studied the material and did your work they were pretty easy." Reflections/Areas for growth for me: (1) Make sure directions on test match up with directions on practice problems (I thought I did a great job of that this year, I really focused on it last summer, but still had about 5 students mention it).  (2) Make sure tests can be completed in a class period - there were a few tests throughout the year that several students had to come back and finish during lunch or after school because they were too long.  I made notes of these and will adjust them for this next year.

Right where I want to be again!  One student said: "I thought the quizzes were a good indicator of how well we mastered the material. The problems on the quizzes were fairly similar to the problems that were seen on the test. Furthermore, the concept quizzes were designed to help us further prepare for the actual test." Reflections/Areas for growth for me: (1) I changed up the way I did quizzes this year for the first time in four years and that cause some confusion/frustration.  I think I have it figured out how I am going to easily have a different version of the quiz every day.  (2) I like having students take the quiz when they are ready (less failing quizzes for me to grade, less wasted time in class), but I do need to structure it more for the students because many of them just decided to not take the quizzes at all, and they were worth 15% of their grade!  Near the end of the year, I had taking the quiz as a box on the students' WSQ charts for Algebra 1 and that was helpful.  I think I will do that next year for all my classes. (3) I do like having students make their own videos as a formative assessment.  I need to decide if I want this to be IN ADDITION TO the quizzes for each chapter (a video or two a chapter), or if I want it to REPLACE a quiz or two each chapter for concepts I really want to hear students explain out loud.  Also, I need to decide if videos are always going to be partner videos or if I want them to be individual. A LOT OF THIS WILL DEPEND UPON our school's new iPad lab we are getting and how much access I will have to it as an individual teacher.

I'm satisfied with these results, and I would agree. I LOVE THE COMMENTS I PUT BELOW - it shows that the environment I have tried to create and the atmosphere for learning I really strived for ACTUALLY HAPPENED!  The environment did get negative at times when groups of students would be off task, come unprepared, cheat/copy, or when I came back from having a sub (20 times this year - all for "professional development" days!!) and the students got a bad report.  My focus for next year is to make sure that my "frustration" only gets taken out on the students who deserve it and not the whole class or their whole group.  Don't punish the group for the actions of an individual.

 I wanted to post a few more student comments on this question:
  • I loved the class and I felt like I really belonged there. I especially like that I felt safe in the class (minus the stairs) because I knew the teacher was always in control. I usually ignore the work ethics of those around me, so no matter what happened around me I could get my work done on time without stressing out too much. I also liked that Mrs. Kirch was there to help us if we needed it, but she did not baby us.
  • I felt like this was a class were we could all have fun and learn together and since it wasn't a normal classroom we could also just jump into our work without having the risk of falling asleep during a lecture.
  • the atmosphere was very welcoming and it was easy to ask questions  
  • I enjoyed working in groups because I was able to get support and help from my group members.
  • I liked it a lot. I liked how you did everything possible to help us with math this year. I think you thought us well and I'm glad for those who actually took advantage of the help you gave us and are doing well.
  • I like it, every one is up beat and positive, and i like being able to do my own thing and work at my own pace :)
  • You're always so willing to help us out and always pushed us to do our best no matter how difficult something was or how frustrated we got with it which helped to create an atmosphere where we knew we weren't going to be put down but where we were going to be built up.
  • Personally, I thought the atmosphere of the class was really positive and encouraging because it is apparent that Mrs. Kirch really does care about our education and our success, not just in class but overall. Although there were many times that a majority were under a lot of stress, Mrs. Kirch tried her very best to make sure that we were able to handle our workload and ensure that our work got done in time.  
  • I'M GOING TO MISS YOU MRS. KIRCH! Everyone was always full of energy and ready to learn. No one was ashamed to asked questions and I loved that, I think that you had a big hand in it of course since you were always ready to give an answer! I loved your class because everyone was comfortable with each other and no one ever put anyone down for being a little slow(:
  • Mrs. Kirch always provided encouragement and was positive. There was usually never a moment where it was not positive and encouraging. Students provided help for one another and students were usually doing what they were suppose to.
  • the teacher always came to class upbeat and put good energy into the atmosphere of the class.
  • i like it how the classroom is very welcoming  
  • the class atmosphere was good... it was nice to be able to talk to my classmates and get their help.... it was also nice to be able to see everyone working hard so i could stay motivated to get my work done
  • In class, I know the other students and especially myself feel comfortable learning in this class. We can ask any question we need to get answered as we are working on our classwork, first to our classmates and then to the teacher. If kids aren't doing well in this class, they aren't trying or they just don't take advantage of all the opportunities we get every day to raise our grade/knowledge.
  • This class was always positive and of course encouraging, because Mrs. Kirch would always push us to the limit so we can get our work done and achieve and succeed, and mostly learn!  
  • At first since I was struggling I thought it was intimidating but I was able to over come that and I love the WSQ groups we have now because I am comfortable asking the students around me for help. And having them explain it to me step by step I was able to understand. 
  • I think that we weren't only a class but some of us got to treat each other like family & I loved it how you can just ask anyone for help and they will help you ! (:
For 77% of my students to find a "weird" teaching method helpful is great :)  I LOVE helping my students remember steps, concepts, and formulas with weird little songs and chants, and even though most of them are hesitant at first because it is so different, the majority of them love it by the end (even if some of them won't admit it!

Glad to see my work in putting together my curriculum via SSS packets is helpful :).  We don't really use the textbook in my class at all - the SSS packets ARE their textbook.

These next questions ask students to evaluate themselves as students in my classroom.


These next questions ask students to evaluate me as their teacher in my classroom.


This was a very important question to me. I hoped my students felt this way, and they did!

Another very important question for me!

It is important to me that my students feel respected, and it seems that I did a good job of that this year.

So great to hear!!!!

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