Weekly Reflections ('11-'12)

2011-2012 was my first year flipping.  Please join me on my journey as a new #flipclass teacher by reading through the weekly reflections.  

*Each week, I spend some time personally reflecting on the week - what I did, what worked, what didn't, what I liked, what I didn't, etc.  
I try to organize my reflections in a similar manner each week, since they do get pretty long: 

(1) Math Analysis;

(2) Algebra; 

(3) Sharing and Collaboration; 

(4) Other Thoughts; 

(5) Running lists 
(Things I've heard this week that I love; Characteristics and qualities of my flipped classroom that I want to keep; Changes I've made this week that I like; Ideas I'm still contemplating and experimenting with).  

I hope these reflections give you insight into my classroom and give you some ideas to try in your own flipped classroom.  I appreciate any comments, feedback, ideas, and follow-ups that you provide, so please comment and join in on the conversation! 

Week 1(The Good, the bad, and the ugly)
Week 2 (growth, learning, and new ideas)
Week 3 (Solid strides in the right direction)
Week 4  (smooth sailing with a few rough waves)
Week 5 (Freedom!)
Week 6 (A week full of questions) 
Week 7 (more new ideas!) 
Week 8 (Two Thumbs Up!)
Week 9 (The Halfway Point!) 
Week 9.5 (Spring Break!)
Week 10 (Great stuff leading into Crazy-Ville!)
Week 11 (Crazy but More Than Satisfied...)
Week 12 (Lots of Lessons Learned)
Week 13 (Just gotta keep going!) 
Week 14 (week 14 and I'm still trying new things?!?!) 
Week 15 (Starting to wrap things up!) 
Week 16 (Three thoughts for a three-day weekend!) 
Week 17 (Preview of End-of-Year Survey) 
Week 18 (took the week off!)
Week 19 [finals week] (It's finally summertime and I survived!)

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