Student-Created Videos

My students are starting to create their own ONE-TAKE videos for different concepts.

This is a great way to show what they know.  As I have always been told, "You really know it when you can explain it to someone else"

Videos are posted online at my student site for students view and use for their own learning.  Sometimes you can learn better from another student than from a teacher.

Right now I have my students making the videos in partners, although a few have made them individually.

They are using a variety of media, including:
1. Cell phone/iPod video cameras
2. Regular video cameras
3. Educreations app on the iPad

The instructions I have given my students are:
1. Work out the problem on paper first (they have to submit a paper answer to me as well as video).
2. Introduce first names, period, concept, and question # at beginning of video.
3. Go SLOWLY and explain each step CLEARLY.

I don't yet have a "grading" rubric for these right now as we are just starting and  I want students to get used to making them first.  If you are doing something similar and have a rubric, please share.

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Link to all student-created videos here.

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