Thursday, April 19, 2012

Student-Created Videos Overkill

Lesson Learned.

If you want your students to make their own math videos, that's awesome.  I have loved it and so have my students, for the most part.

It is an AMAZING tool for both students and teachers.  

It is a great way to DIFFERENTIATE content and challenge higher learners while having your lower learners still show proficiency at a lower level. 

 It is a FUN way to use technology in class.  

It creates an ENGAGING environment where all students are actively involved in their learning.  

It is great as an ASSESSMENT tool because students actually have to explain their thought process in a logical way.

However, don't assign them 10 videos (1 problem per video, 1-3minutes long each) in 2 weeks. Even if they do them in partners.

10 videos x 36 sets of partners = 360 videos x average 2:30 each = 900 minutes of teacher watching = 15 hours of grading - some skimming thru the videos and fast forwarding and such = still a heck of a lot of time.

I'm exhausted.

I love the videos, but I'm exhausted.

Don't overkill the student-created videos.  You will torture yourselves and your students.

Lesson Learned.

I'm going to bed :)

p.s. Have I said I'm exhausted enough yet? :)

To see these amazing videos made by my Math Analysis students, go to and look on the main page. 

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