Friday, April 6, 2012

Students on Spring Break - Flipped Classroom Essay by Ariana

I asked my students to do a few "fun" things over their spring break, like draw me a picture, write a story, or make a video about their experience in the Flipped Classroom over the last 3 months.  Here is the second submission.  

#2 essay written by Ariana                                      
 Flipped Classroom

            Before flipped classroom I would come to class and learn the lesson or chapter for that day. I would go home and do my homework but it would be so difficult so I eventually didn’t try. My problem was that during class I would understand bits and pieces of the chapter but not fully understand the examples given. So if I didn’t understand the concept I would fail my test. Before flipped classroom my grade was a C. Transitioning to flipped classroom wasn’t easy because it was a new process. Basically I would be assigned a video for homework of the chapter. Also the next day I would come to class and do my homework during class and get help on problems I didn’t understand. Each day was easier and easier and eventually it clicked for me.

 Flipped classroom has been a huge help for me. For example, since flipped classroom I have been doing better on my tests and quizzes so my grade has improved a lot. Currently my grade is an A and I understand Algebra now. Flipped classroom now is a breeze, I go home watch a video plus the summary and the next I am able to do my homework. Doing flipped classroom helps me still learn because the videos are exactly if you were in a classroom. I learn the chapter on my speed, I can fast forward, rewind, or pause any time I want. I’m stilling learning because if I wasn’t then my grade wouldn’t improve and it did. Flipped classroom is a great thing and if don’t understand the video I can also watch a second (part2) for extra help.

Since flipped classroom my relationship with my peers is good. Before if I didn’t understand the chapter I wouldn’t ask for help from my peers. Now I turn to my partner or a friend and ask them if they understand the problem and sometimes I help them with the problem. Before flipped classroom my teacher would offer extra credit, stay after school or lunch to retake quizzes and test but I never came. Since flipped classroom I have been taking extra credit mostly every time it’s offered. Also if I get a bad grade on my quiz I come in during lunch to retake quizzes. As a student flipped classroom as helped me learn more and help me understand the lesson a little bit easier. Its helped me improve as a student and as well as my learning.

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