Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#flipclass chat 4/2/12 - preparing to flip your class

I had to miss another #flipclass chat, so I read up on the archive again.  Here are some things that stood out to me.

One of the things I appreciate the most about our twitter/blogging community is the fact that I never feel alone anymore!  Being the only teacher in my department flipping right now, and not having full buy-in from my colleagues, it is nice to have a place to share ideas, share successes and failures, and sometimes just have a place to moan and groan and realize that you are not in it alone!  Other people are dealing with the same things as you are!

Here is one conversation and then a bunch of little quotes that stood out to me that I wanted to save to refer back to later... so I thought I would share publicly on my blog.  If you are one of the amazing twitter tweeps who is quoted below, THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts and participating in our community!

Chat with ya'll soon!

3/4/2012 0:04:02 bennettscience If you could only pick one, what single preparation helped you make the transition? #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:04:24 kadaniels I would say good curriculum, infrastructure and support are needed for successful #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:04:31 a_mcsquared for me it was that I already had all my lessons on powerpoint #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:04:45 bennettscience For me, making sure curriculum was sound definitely helped make the transition. #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:04:46 arnoldscience @bennettscience For me it was the semester I spent semi-flipped while I was making videos.Having them all done when I jumped in #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:06:16 KristinGregory7 I agree with the need for sound curriculum, also the buy-in of colleagues who tch same subject #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:06:28 dalevankeuren Being tech savvy helped me get started. Plus I was already fluent in district LMS. #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:06:50 a_mcsquared if I had waited for all to be in place..never would have jumped in with both feet #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:09:42 arnoldscience @kls4711 That is another big thing, making sure you have the right stuff do in all of the newfound class time #flipclass I fail sometimes
3/4/2012 0:09:14 jonbergmann There is a natural progression. 1.make/get vids. 2. Rethink face2face time. 3.rethink assessment #flipclass

3/4/2012 0:11:38 a_mcsquared all I know is I feel I am doing right by my students now, and i didn't feel that way for a long time #flipclass

3/4/2012 0:14:25 chemicalsams I had a visitor today. She loved that some Ss like #flipclass, others do not, but all kids like the individualized attention/instruction.

3/4/2012 0:25:21 dalevankeuren IMHO #flipclass is about relationships and critical thinking less about vids. Ss don't watch vids didn't do hw/pay attention in old model

3/4/2012 0:30:13 CoachYak Here's why I know #flipclass is working...when I don't use video 2 intro class ss want class structure 2 b the same as flipped. 1:1 time!

3/4/2012 0:50:13 bennettscience I ask for stu. feedback after EVERY chapter (formally). I get feedback every day thru questions/discussion w/ kids. #flipclass
3/4/2012 0:51:05 arnoldscience @bennettscience Need to do more of that.After every unit does sound good, could point out ineffective vids too #flipclass

Ideas: posting all homework online with links like https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uPpNnL61GmvndW-ijWADEGHC46paSCFfeBIJmWFVK1k/edit

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