Weekly Reflections ('13-'14)

2013-2014 started Year 3 of flipping for me.  I began teaching a "new" class called CCSS Course 1, instead of Algebra 1.  I began doing an 'in-class flip' with that class towards the end of the first semester.

Some key things I started doing this year or continued doing... as I read through these posts, these are "smaller" things that I may not remember, but made a huge difference.

  • Today in class screen with WSQ chat divided into whole-class, small group, and "U" group portions
  • "Today in class" sheets for students to fill out
  • Weekly parent newsletter with updates
  • Parents could opt in to receiving text messages from my Google Voice number about important student reminders or successes (i.e. they retook a test, they would get a text with the results)
  • Having students label their WSQ question with "confusion" "discussion" or "example"
  • Continued weekly student feedback opportunities via a Google Form
  • Variety of WSQ chat activities and structures

Here are my weekly reflection posts for this year:

1st semester

2nd semester

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