Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 6 Reflection

Week 6. I can hardly remember the last 6 days!  Sleep deprivation is not so good on the brain - how do our students do it?  My body is so well trained that no matter how exhausted I am, I still wake up between 4:45 and 5am, even on the weekends.  Oh, for a good night's sleep!

Things are going well.  The "Today in Class" that I started 2 weeks ago is still going well. I didn't monitor it as well this week since we started a crazy unit, but it is still a good accountability tool.

We had an "integrity check" on Tuesday for their Unit F WSQ charts.  They took their test on Tuesday, which by the way they did AMAZING on... out of 107 students I only had 7 (? I think) fail.  Most students got A's and B's, and it was a pretty tough test, in my opinion.  Anyways, I am having students peer sign off their WSQ charts this year.  That way I don't waste my time signing charts - I focus on actually helping them.  It also gives them more responsibility for managing their work and their time.  Well, as I suspected (but I let it go on for the whole unit), students were lying and just signing off WSQ charts whether or not the work was completed.  They weren't showing each other their work, they were just hurriedly signing off multiple boxes at once to "get the points".  Well, after I ripped up their charts in front of them and assigned all of them after school detention (yes, it was crazy, but 90 of the 107 showed up; 9 students were excused because I checked through their work and they were actually honest), we had a chat about integrity, but also the purpose of their work.  My students are so used to doing the work to get points and to avoid consequence.  I want them to realize that the work I give them is for their own good and for their practice.  I told them that if they don't need to do all the practice I assign, that is fine... but they better pass the test!  I gave them an incentive - if they don't complete all the "assigned work" but still get an 85% or higher on the unit test, they will receive that % in place of their "assignment completion" score in the gradebook.  Practice work is only worth 5% in the gradebook anyways - basically nothing - but if a student doesn't finish the assignments because they don't need to, I don't want them wasting their time doing work just to get it done and get the points.  Once they feel they've mastered it, move on!  We will see how that goes...
The big point of that discussion was why I have them peer sign off, why they are assigned the work, and the purpose of the work.  And...the big lesson was don't sign something off if it's not complete - that's not living with integrity.

A few quotes from my current students on their weekly opportunity to give me feedback and reflect:

  • The best part of the week was class bonding time when everyone had to stand up and put their arms up like a robot. I love to see how Mrs. Kirch is always so busy and always trying to be their for her students in EVERY single class. I love the way how she treats us and lets us get started on our class work very early and when you're done with that. Everything else shouldn't be as hard.
  • I love this class, although i not much of a singer/ dancer the songs and activities help me remember keys points in the concepts, and I find this very helpful.
  • The best part of this week was working in our groups helping each other out.
  • Class time-The work is generally easy and I don't necessarily feel rushed when working
  • My grade shot up after a reassessment.
  • Learning in how to make a video and uploading it to your blog
  • favorite part was the "today in class..." work sheets, it keeps me organized and sets a goal for the day 
  • to keep up the good work mrs. kirch! i am transitioning well in mrs kirch's class
  • I am getting into the motion of how a flipped classroom works, however the blogs and videos are confusing and I also cannot keep up with all the acronyms that are used in the classroom.
  • Hmm your doing a better job at explaining problems with the class, the year is starting to take it course and by that I mean that I'm finally getting used to my classes and the flipped classroom is getting more comfortable the more I use it
  • Its hard im not going to lie especially when im used to just being given the work. I still honestly would love to have a regular classroom but I like the flexibility with all my other classes. Thanks for helping me adjust. with time it will get easier.
  • Its a lot different than what I am normally accustomed to, I may struggle a bit throughout the year but I will try to move along with the class as best as I can. The flipped classroom is way different but I am slowly getting used to it, as well as all of the other technology that comes with the class.

On the other end of the spectrum, I'm getting closer to an idea of how I can implement flipped learning in my Algebra 1/Course 1 Common Core course.  I'm too exhausted to explain now, but I'll blog about it as I try it!

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