Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 16 - Feedback from Course 1 "iPod activity" learning method

Yes, I know Week 16 officially "ended" over 2 weeks ago, but I've been enjoying Winter Break way too much :)

On the Friday before break, I chatted with my Course 1 students about the pros and cons of the "iPod activities" we had been doing the last 3 weeks.  (See previous posts here and here for explanation)  It was a whole-class discussion, and we didn't have very long, but here are their comments.  I just typed as close to word for word as I could as they shared out.

Keep in mind I have not mentioned the word "flipped" to them at all... and I haven't even really talked about my view of the benefits of this type of instruction.

This is why it's GREAT - keep doing this
  •  get to work with a partner
  •  get to learn at your own pace, individually
  • get to use technology
  • can also do the work and get caught up at home
  • francisco likes it
  • helped me learn better and improve my skills
  • Mrs. Kirch trusted us with the iPods
  • we like how you teach
  • it's like going to tutoring 
  • it's like a fun way to learn and it's at your own pace
  • it's a fast and easy way to learn what we have to
  • if we have questions we don't have to stop the whole class, we just have to stop ourselves
  • gave students a small amount of responsibility
This is why it SUCKS - think about changing this (possible solution in parentheses)
  •  videos are not loud enough  (bring headphones)
  • screen is really small (can live with it)
  • sometimes the video glitches out (no easy fix, could restart the iPod)
  • when your finger is too fat and you try to pause it but it goes back in the video  
iPod rules (still need to work on this sections together when we return
  • When you are done with a lesson/section, you must call Mrs. Kirch over to chat and check in

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