Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 10 reflections

It's Sunday night and I just remembered I haven't blogged about this week yet.  And I'm really trying to commit to it every week, so even though I'm exhausted (yes it's only 7:44 pm, but this momma needs her sleep!), I'm going to try to put something together...

  • Unit I Test - tough test with lots of stuff to memorize (compound interest formulas, exponential and logarithmic graphs).  Students took this on Thursday.  About 60% got As and Bs; 25% got F's.  I'm having mandatory tutoring and retake for those 25 students this week.  The hard part about this unit was there was only 3 main concepts and if you messed up on one part early on, the rest of the problem was screwed up.  I'm hoping a little revisiting will help these students do great on the reassessment.
  • It was neat to talk to students about saving, investing, bank accounts, etc.  Every year I'm surprised by how little they know and am glad to be able to play a small part in educating them.
  • I'm really happy with the way my students are able to articulate themselves on their student videos on their blogs.   Students who are quieter in class and who I would never have the chance to sit down and hear a full explanation of a concept, I can go to their blog and listen to them explain through it.  It's really awesome.  I highly suggest it!
This week we start matrices, which students either love or hate.  They are very tough at first, I admit it.  But, we are spending 5 days on them so hopefully by the end students will feel confident.

I have some (what I think are) pretty cool WSQ chat activities planned for Unit J.  I'll post them up and talk about them in the next 2 weeks as we do them in class. 

7:49. 5 minutes tired-er. Good night everyone!  Thanks for reading and being a part of my PLN!

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