Monday, November 18, 2013

Flipping the Quiz Review - how did it go?

Today I tried something new in my Course 1 class.  See yesterday's post with my plan here.

And, how did it go?
 Well, here's what a few of my students said:

  • I really enjoyed it and thought it was a really good easy way to go over and understand the material. I enjoyed the videos as well, I think they were very well done and I understand pretty well what I got wrong.I don't think I found anything wrong or bad with it, overall it was helpful.
  • I think it was great we thought it was going to be complex.  No just simple.  It was good no problems.  It helped me understand my mistakes
  • I thought the iPod activity was really good, I felt it helped me.  Yes I would want to do it again! I think it helped me because it explained step by step on how you got the answers. I think its good the way it is

Students worked in pairs watching short videos and correcting their quizzes.

QR codes were posted in a few places around the room for each problem on the quiz.

I posted the QR codes in a couple places around the room.  I gave about a 5 minute intro to the technology and the iPods, and showed how to use the Qrafter app.  I put students in groups (groups of 3 in one class, groups of 2 in the other) based on how they did on the quiz.  They had to scan in the code for each question anyone in their group missed and watch the 1-2 minute explanation and make the corrections on their quiz.  As a perk, I am giving them 1/2 credit back on every question they correct.

The videos were also posted on our class blog (which we haven't used much all year, but hopefully will start using more now!),  A few students watched them on the laptops.  I also told the students to download the Qrafter app so next time they could use their phones if they had internet and we wouldn't have to share as many devices.

Overall I am happy with Day 1.  The students weren't fooling around the technology and were mostly focused.  Some changes for next time:

1. Give more time.  We only spent about 30 minutes of class on this because we had a little lesson first, and by the time I gave the info/instructions/etc, they only had about 20 minutes to work through it.

2. See exactly how many kids in each class have devices with 3G/4G internet (non-wifi) on them so I can appropriately hand out the devices so not as many students have to share them.

My plan?
Over Thanksgiving Break I would like to choose a few of the lessons for between Thanksgiving and Christmas to flip, and have students watch them in class.  This means the students would have a full assignment of example problems and practice problems and would work through it in class at their own pace.  I think it will be especially ideal for our next unit where students will be using protractors and compasses, and some students I can just see taking FOREVER and others wanting to move on... this may be perfect!

I will definitely keep updating as things go on.  I'm glad that the attitude and feedback from the first day was positive.

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