Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Plan For Tomorrow: Flipping the Quiz Review...

So, I haven't really done any flipping in my new "Course 1" class this year, for a variety of reasons.  
#1 being time, #2 being I don't have the curriculum for that far into the future, and #3 I needed to get to know my kids before I put hundreds of dollars worth of tech in their hands during class time.

I'm going to attempt an activity tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.

They took a quiz on Friday.  Some did good, most did okay, and several did very poorly.  They have a test on this Friday, so I really want the quiz to be a true "formative" assessment.  Let's figure out what we actually know and don't know, and learn from our mistakes so we can do better on the test.  I'm even going to give them the "perk" of earning a better grade on the quiz based on this activity.

I made short 1-2 minute videos explaining the answer to each of the 9 questions on the quiz. 

 (side note: I decided to use ShowMe for the first time and am very happy with it.  I have always used EduCreations for short quick ones, but students can't watch those videos on my iPod touches so it kind of ruined the idea behind it.  ShowMe videos work just fine!)

I made a QR code ( is what I use) for each video.  I have printed them out and will post them around the room.  I also linked to each video on our class blog under the Linear Functions Unit (; don't use too much this year but just starting to get things organized).

LINEAR FUNCTIONS QUIZ video answer keys

I have 13 iPod touches, 3 laptops, 2 desktops, and lots of student phones (assuming they have a QR reader, if not I will have them download one if we need more devices).  My plan is for students to work in partners with a device and go through the quiz questions they got incorrect (either of them) and work through the correct answer. (I have classes of 35 and 27 for Course 1 this year)

Students who don't have many corrections will finish this activity quickly and be able to move on.  Others might take the whole period.  I really want to go through the quiz errors with the students, but why waste ALL the student's time going through every problem when they don't need every problem?  

I hope this turns out to be a good activity of making the best use of the face to face time I have with my students and differentiating my support and instruction to the students who need it, when they need it.

I will let you all know how it goes!

P.S. This is the first time I'm letting these students touch my class technology all year (long backstory, don't want to go into it).  I'm a little nervous about it all and am definitely going to go over the ground rules right away... i.e. only use it for what I tell you to (in this case they will be on the QR code-reading Qrafter App ONLY), report any issues to me immediately, take care of the devices and return them to their appropriate place...

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