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  1. Excellent synopsis of your flipping plan of action. It is like you have been reading my mind as I have been rethinking my philosophy of education in math over the last week. I appreciate the TWIRLS acronym and the synchronous aspect of your class even with people being able to go ahead if they liked.

  2. Another question for you - how to you get the different pages listed at the top of your blog "Home", "About Me" "Contact Me", "FAQ" etc like tabs listed at the top of your blog pages. I can't seem to find the right template or feature to add it like that. Did you HTML or CSS or something else completely in blogspot to make that organizational tool?

  3. Mrs. Kirch, I figured it out for myself on blogspot - to get pages, I had to go to "design" then click on the pages link, then keep clicking "new page" until I had all the page divisions that I wanted. Thanks.

  4. Hello Crystal,
    I was finally able to add VLOOKUP to one of my Google documents! Whew! That was a major accomplishment in itself. :-) Now I have another question for you . . . What do I need to do to my Google Docs so my students can view the spreadsheets with all of the students' responses?

    Thank you for all of your help!!

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Whew! It's a pain at first, but so time-saving once you have it set up and can just copy/paste. So students can view the spreadsheets, a few things you will need to do:

      1. Change privacy of document from public to "anyone with the link"
      2. Copy the URL of the spreadsheet
      3. Paste the URL of the spreadsheet where you want students to access it. I do this in the "confirmation" they receive after submitting. To put it there, on the "edit form" screen, click on "more actions" and click "edit confirmation". Then just paste the URL there with a note for students to click on it.

      I make sure to hide the columns that have student ID in them on the spreadsheet as well as freeze a few rows and columns to make it easier to read through for both me and the students.

      Also, when students are viewing it, they will all show up as "anonymous", so you don't really have any way of knowing who views it and who doesn't. My school just got Google Apps for Education so I am hoping to make some adjustments for next year where they will have to be logged into their Google Drive account and their names will show up and such. I still need to do some playing around and research to see what I would have to do differently. But for now, what I have is working fine.

      Good luck :)

    2. Thank you so much! I feel like I am taking a private course on flipping my class. :-)


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