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#ISTE12: 60 web tools in 60 minutes (Brandon Lutz)

Brandon Lutz

    • @blutz01
Notes (from presenter in bold, from me in italics): (find link to these tools, Prezi used to present, and lots more.  Prezi also embedded at end of blog post or can be found here)

Are you ready to be overwhelmed?  Rather than go through all the webtools (you can view the prezi or the actual presentation I saw here I am just going to make notes on the ones I am thinking about using.

I would highly recommend going through the Prezi and/or video presentation simultaneously as Brandon does a great job of succinctly saying what the tool is (summary) and how it can be used in the classroom (teaching relevance).

60 web Tools in 60 Minutes Cheat Sheet

1.    Videolicious

2.    Prezi

Web-based, similar to PowerPoint, but cooler. I don't think I ever want to assign my students a PowerPoint again - Prezi it is!  The nice thing is, you can import PowerPoint slides into Prezi if they are already created!

3.    Poll Everywhere

4.    Edmodo

I already use Edmodo (have for the last 4 years, you can connect with me here: It's a great tool for communicating with students, parents, and other teachers.  I would say most of my readers come from the Flipped Class groups on Edmodo...lots of sharing/ideas going on there.  The codes for the Edmodo groups are here:
Edmodo has a lot of other features if you want to use it to organize content, submit assignments (paperless!), or send out other information in a private way (students must have group code to join). I will be using Edmodo in conjuction with my class blogs ( is starting to get up and running now, won't be ready till the end of summer) next year - edmodo for communication purposes and the blogs for posting content.  I got sick of my students "forgetting" their password or "not being able to find" videos or worksheets online.

5.    Present Me

6.    Flubaroo
I saw this in another presentation as well.  Not sure how I will use it since I don't do a lot of tests/quizzes that are multiple choice or have one right answer, but it looks like a great tool!

7.    Gooru Learning
Possibly a great place to curate content.  Kind of confusing at first glance, but I'm sure if I took the time to sort through it I would find some good stuff.

8.    Spelling City

9.    Kid Zui

10.  Little Bird Tales

11.  Star Fall

12.  Hippo Campus
Similar to GooruLearning. Didn't have time to check it out, but it will be on my "to-do" list.

13.   Course Hero

14.  Math Train
Great videos created by kids for kids. Will definitely be a place to curate content this year as well as provide examples for my students of what they should be doing.

15.  Side Vibe

16.  Jog the Web

17.  Hackasaurus

18.  Simple Meet

19.  BlockSite (Addon) Firefox

20.  Class Dojo

21.  Mail Chimp

22.  Drop Box
I think I am going to recommend this to my students next year so they don't have to worry about the flash drives! I've been using it since October or so and I love it... I can open any document on any computer.  I used to have to get up, get my flash drive, and/or get the computer that the document was created on (we have WAY too many computers in our house!).  Now, I can open and edit it anywhere. I love it!

23.  dushare

24.  iBooks Author

25.  Remind 101    http://remind`

26.   Duolingo
I may just use this for myself to re-learn some Spanish!!!

27.  Boom Writer

28.  Scrible
Can annotate, write over, highlight, add sticky notes to a website and then share unique link with students.

29.  Paper Rater
***English teachers check this out!! So cool!***

31.  SpeakPipe
Free voicemail thing you can add to your blog so students can leave voice messages on blog posts.

32.  Capzles

33.  Docs Teach

34.  Useful Charts

35.  Desktop QR Code Reader

36.  QR Stuff

37.  QR Voice

38.  ptable
***Great for Chemistry teachers - interactive periodic table!***

39.  screenr

40.  anymeeting
Free webinar hosting (up to 200 people).  Can use for video chatroom as well.

41.  Jeopardy Labs
Ha, let's just delete those hours of PowerPoint that so many teachers spent making.  This is awesome!

42.  Study Blue

43.  Pearltrees
Visual bookmark folder. Might be nice for organization

44.  Spaaze

45.  Free Sound
Free site can be used for podcasting (he said so, but I don't see where on the site... didn't look around too much though). Also has lots of cool free sounds - be careful because not filtered!

46.  Vocaroo
Quick and easy way to record audio file for podcast

47.  ifttt

48.  Blabbarize

49.  PhotoSynth

50.  Jelly Cam

52.  Producteev

53.  Reflection

54.  Tweet Chat


56.  Sumdog
Math site that lets students play games with people all over the world. 

57.  Smore

58.  Pinterest

59.  Mentimeter

60.  Incredibox
Super fun. Not sure how I would use it in my classroom, but it's really cool. Check it out.

61.  SURVEY Please click this link and share your thoughts!

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