Saturday, July 14, 2012

#flipcon12 archives: Transitioning to a Flipped Classroom: from pilot to expansion (Kristin Daniels and Wayne Feller)

I was able to watch Kristin and Wayne's archived presentation from #flipcon12... here are some notes that stood out to me and my reflections...

I would highly suggest you check out the session yourself as well, because what stood out to me may not be what impacts you the most! :) 

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Technology Integration Specialists-
Kristin Daniels @kadaniels
Wayne Feller @fellbop

Download (for free) their iBook! -

  • Past, Present, Future!
    • Started with ONE teacher (5th grade, math)
    • Set up program with 6 "control" teachers and 6 flipped teachers
      • 4 day summer institute for those 6 teachers
    • Set up parent website *Need to add tab on my student blog for this
    • Sent out technology survey
    • Set up Flipped Classroom FAQ *Need to add tab on my student blog for this
    • Stillwater Flipped Webpage (lots of great resources!)
    • Showed some great results from student and parent surveys...definitely check out the archive to hear these responses!
    • All 6 teachers after pilot: YES WE WANT TO CONTINUE (even if you don't let us!).  Favorite part is: Time! (more time to work in class, more time to work one-on-one) *Personally, I could never go back either. I can hardly remember what my classroom was like in a traditional setting, and it hasn't even been a year!
    • Teacher goes from master of content to master of context
    • Winter Institute for new teachers - 25 teachers, 1 day + 1/2 work day
      • wanted to create a more sustainable "team" approach to the FC
      • not as "daunting"
      • Asked each teacher to take on ONE role
        • Quiz Creator
          • Do you have any questions about the video? Is there anything you want your teacher to know? If so, type your questions/comments in the text box below
          • How well do you understand the concepts presented in the math video? - Not well, somewhat, very well. * Metacognition
          • Add these questions to my WSQ forms
        • Moodle Manager - managing courses (getting videos in right place, etc)
        • Video creator
          • Started incorporating a "character" (pirate) into some of their videos
          • Looking into having a storyline/theme that runs through the videos to help with engagement
          • Consider that students may have internet at home, but it may not be HIGH-SPEED INTERNET *Add this to my technology survey as an option
          • I need to get some "cheesy" old school headphones (not earbuds) to keep with my class computers.
        • Flipchart creator - presentation software by ActiveInspire
    • A LOT of work in the first year, even if you take a team approach.  WorkLOAD is much less in year 2.  We can selectively improve quality of videos, quizzes, etc.  The work you put in on the front end is very much worth it on the back end  *I am so excited for that this year :)  Even though there are videos I want to fix (reminding myself that perfection is not the goal), the workload is going to be much less!
    • A LOT more time in class to dive into more activities and applications they previously had to skip
    • When students are empowered to be creative, it adds a whole new dimension!!

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