Saturday, July 14, 2012

#flipcon12 archives: Crowd-sourcing session with Brian Bennett

I was able to watch Brian's archived presentation from #flipcon12... here are some notes that stood out to me and my reflections...

I would highly suggest you check out the session yourself as well, because what stood out to me may not be what impacts you the most! :) 

Register for virtual access to all these sessions here.

Google Docs with all the notes from these sessions
Tuesday (the one I watched)
Wednesday (not filmed)
Powerpoint here

  • Teacher helps create meaning of the content within the context of the class 
    • leads to personalize learning
  • Understand your learning style to help your students' understand theirs
    • Multiple intelligences  *Bring this back! Have students do a learning styles/MI self-assessment like I did in years past.
    • "Oh, I could be any one of these!" -  we want our students to be adaptive!  While we recognize our strengths, we are also improving on our weaknesses! hmmm very true - I've never thought about this.  Yes, we want students to be able to learn in the ways they learn best, but we also want them to challenge themselves to learn in new ways!!
  • Oral Exams
    • Turn objectives into "I can" statements
    • Individualized assessments
    • Not all of these go in the gradebook
    • Version 1: 
      • Discuss with them in person the objective.  If they can do this without any prompts, questions, etc, full credit (5 points).  Every prompt = -1pt. Very subjective.  
    • Version 2:
      • Turned into an objective rubric (see slide 11 here*I like this (having oral assessments), but I'm always concerned about my subjectivity.  The objective rubric will help with that.  I just can't see myself being able to do this often with my 40 students...even though I want to.   But, maybe this is something I can do with certain students who need that alternative assessment
  • Think-Tac-Toe from daretodifferentiate wikispaces *On my to-read list, coming soon!
  • Collaboration Grid from Teach Paperless blogspot
  • Camtasia for PC does automatic captioning. Mac doesn't yet. argh :( 
  • Student self-assessment (see sample Google Form here)
  • "This is the goal, I'm interested in the process you use"... then give them the freedom to do that 
  • Alternative Assessment rubric here 
    • Allow students to come up with their own assignments for assessments
    • Let students set their own due dates = late assignments hold even more accountability *Interesting point! Gives them ownership of their learning!
  • Random good stuff from Brian's website
  •  Getting ideas from students about videos - *I just mentioned this in the last post, but I do want to keep getting feedback.  The one thing my students have a hard time with is saying "why". Meaning, they will say "I didn't like that video" or "That video was confusing", but they have a hard time expressing WHY.  Then, some students just won't say anything because they aren't used to teachers actually wanting their feedback.
    • "It would have been better if..."
    • "This was a really tough video, it probably would have been done better not on video..."
  •  Big reminder: 
    • Have a to them about why you’re doing what you’re doing, not how.
  • ARTICLES to read!!! *I really want to find these!  And have my students blog about them... :)

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