Sunday, July 1, 2012

updated: "My Flipped Classroom" Prezi

I made some edits/updates to this Prezi that I originally created in January for a presentation to my staff about the flipped classroom. 

Since then, I have used it for several presentations and webinars (see link to my first webinar at the bottom of the guest blog post here), and thought it could use an "upgrade".

This Prezi is targeted towards educators and serves to inform them on 

1) What is a flipped classroom? 
2) What are the benefits of a flipped classroom for both teachers and students? 
3) What does a "sample" flipped classroom look like (both at home and at school) 
4) Why do students like the flipped classroom (video clip) 

This summer, I am hoping to update it a little more with some more video clips of my class in action as well as some updated quotes from my students that I recorded at the end of the school year. (Still got lots to sift thru and edit before they are ready!).  I'll re-post a "final" version here once I get everything edited.

Please note:  You are welcome to use and modify this Prezi for educational purposes.  All I ask is that you give me credit, and let me know that you are using it!  If you do "save a copy" and modify it, please send me the link to your modified version.  Thank you!

I also want to create the Prezi I am going to use to introduce STUDENTS to the concept during the first week of school as well as to introduce PARENTS to the flipped classroom. 

I'll post those when I get them done... probably in August :) 

Until then, here is the updated version of "My Flipped Classroom" 
(if you would prefer to view this on the Prezi Website, the direct link is

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