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7/23/12 #flipclass chat: Personalizing Learning

I got home about 5:30pm from vacation, thought about joining in, and then just decided to catch the archive.  This was a chat I really wanted to join in on, but time with the hubby won over (as it should...)  So, here are my thoughts and tweets that stuck out to me.

24/07/2012 00:01:00 KristinStrauman @runfardvs I also do not require video notes, but make it optional, just like other resources. Kids choose their resources.  #flipclass

  • As of right now, my students must take notes from the video.  I feel they still need that "assignment" to teach them how to watch a video for learning and not for entertainment.  It is also a way I hold them accountable for watching with my WSQ system.  As the year goes on, I would like students to start to use the resources they want to learn, which may mean they use the textbook, another website, a different video, etc for learning... but I still think I will require some form of notes.  We'll see as the year goes on.  Starting from day 1, I'm going to start off with everyone on the same page and doing the same thing, and then slowly allow freedom.  I feel that is an important transition as students need to be trained and not just let loose from day 1.

24/07/2012 00:01:06 KristinGregory7 Personalize with assignment checklists that will become menus next year #flipclass
24/07/2012 00:38:06 runfardvs #flipclass idea: "You Choose Assignments" - this is the learning objective - these are your options to show me you understand
  • This has been big on my "thought" list this summer, and after reading through Laurie Westphal's math menu book and a great Google Chat convo with Cheryl Morris, I've decided that I will probably start small with menus, using them as options for projects and not necessarily for the assignments for the whole unit.  The way I have my system set up right now, I just can't see it working as a normal every day thing for regular assignments.
  • I will be trying to throw in more informal "You Choose" assignments... so not full menus, but still allowing them a degree of choice in how they show me they know.

24/07/2012 00:01:53 jtague252 #flipclass since you talk to every student every day you know where they are and what they need.
24/07/2012 00:04:57 arnoldscience As far as the kids, the hope is while I may not have formal IEP for each or anything, that I make them feel like a PERSON not a # #flipclass
24/07/2012 00:06:10 ICETeacherSara @arnoldscience I agree, it's about connecting with each student and getting to know their strengths and interests. #flipclass
24/07/2012 00:07:45 arnoldscience That means to treat them like what they say matters, that it is ok to be frustrated, to listen when they talk, about anything #flipclass
  • This is one of the amazing things about the flipped class, and one we talk about often as "a reason we flip".  I really want to do a better job of personalizing learning in this way next year, knowing that every student is different and being willing/open to give the students what they need individually and not necessarily what everyone else needs.   It gets harder for me to do this as the year goes on and I get tired, frustrated with lack of effort from some, and just overwhelmed with the paperwork/meetings/etc of a teacher-leader.  But, I just need to be more intentional about it.
24/07/2012 00:04:13 KristinGregory7 1) Give Ss access to lots of videos/resources on the same topic and allow them to pick which.  #flipclass

  • I will be providing students with my videos, the textbook, and then a playlist of "curated" resources that I have found helpful.  In addition, students will be making their own "resource playlists" for each unit and posting them on their blogs (HOPEFULLY!!!).  I've made a playlist of "sites to find good resources/videos" for students to use as they begin to learn how to find resources online.  It's a work in progress, but looks like this right now: 

I also found one put together by Jackie Gerstein... haven't checked out all these sites yet.

And, I'm trying to keep track of my #flipclass friends' video sites that they have posted about so I can reference them when needed.

24/07/2012 00:07:57 KristinGregory7 The best part of flip is that face to face interaction that you have with EVERY student each day. They learn they can't hide #flipclass
24/07/2012 00:09:51 jtague252 @arnoldscience agree. And #flipclass gives you the time to connect with each student every day. Best use of face to face time.

24/07/2012 00:11:06 Mr_Driscoll Going to have all students blog this year. Hopefully will lead to more reflections/metacognitive skill building. #flipclass
24/07/2012 00:15:26 Mr_Driscoll @ArcherMHHS Blogger I think. Ss will blog about setting goals, progress monitoring, reflections, current events... #flipclass
24/07/2012 00:18:41 Mr_Driscoll @kls4711 proposed having them submit google form with post url and brief summary to help manage blogs. #flipclass
24/07/2012 00:18:56 reginaschaffer @runfardvs: @Mr_Driscoll you can set up a page on a site with all the rss feeds http://t.co/NBGQYkfr #flipclass
24/07/2012 00:20:54 runfardvs @reginaschaffer @Mr_Driscoll - @thenerdyteacher does an amazing job with Ss blogs. He made this vid about it http://t.co/ieo1naU6 #flipclass

  • Yay for blogging! I have yet to hear back from my district about any policies regarding blogs... I'm supposed to hear back this week so it's Tuesday and I hope it's soon! I'm anxious to get things started. I have a ton of ideas about student blogging that I posted about a few weeks ago here
  • I still haven't fully decided how to keep track of student blogs (assuming I'll get to use them). I'm thinking GoogleReader will work well, since I already use it daily. I will probably add a Blogroll to the class pages as well, so the most recently updated ones are on the top. I think you can also RSS subscribe to the comments on a blog, so I'll do that.

24/07/2012 00:24:42 KristinGregory7 Found that learning becomes personal to the Ss when they help their peers to understand material. #flipclass

  • A few key things from this:
    • "Ask 3 then me" - I want students grappling with the material themselves before coming straight to me.
    • Student created videos that are posted for others to use to help them understand. If they watch a video on something on Monday night, and a student understands it, makes their own video to post on Tuesday night, that video is now up for all students to learn from if mine was confusing! yay!

24/07/2012 00:33:40 mistermcintosh One way to personalize learning in a #flipclass is to allow some degree of self-pacing. It's tricky though. Some will take advantage of it.

  • I am planning on starting the year with everyone on the same pace.  As we get used to the flipped classroom, students will learn that they "can work ahead, but don't fall behind" to a certain extent.  I will be very interested to see how students take the initiative in working ahead... we'll see - this is definitely going to be a test run year for that!

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