Monday, July 2, 2012

#ISTE12: Ten Strategies for effective use of iPods in Math Class (Tim Pelton, Leslee Francis Pelton)

  • Tim Pelton, Leslee Francis Pelton

Notes (from presenters in bold, from me in italics):

  • iPods great for individual work, iPads great for sharing and collaboration
    • I really really really hope I am able to use our new iPad cart next year several times.  They are so great for students creating their own videos, and I know there are a lot of apps that would help my Algebra 1 students out in a "fun" way.
  • Four main purposes of the ipod/ipad in the classroom
    • Great for exploring, collaborating, consolidating, creating
  • Getting set
    • Class sets vs BYOD
      • Class sets are managed and we don't have to teach a lot of different brands (like graphing calcs). Making sure students don't change settings and stuff
      • BYOD is good because students are more familiar with them and may not need as much help.
    • Which apps or resources are you going to use?
      • If you are using specific apps, sometimes BYOD doesn't work as well because students will have to download app, what if app is only on one device, etc
      • Some apps keep track of student progress, so you want them to use the same exact device every time
        • Have devices for students to borrow in this case.
      • Airserver: a tool to make your laptop behave like an AppleTV. Project a wireless signal for your classroom. $12 program, can run on 5 computers
    • Establishing routines
      • Great expectations and respect (students always have to take the same number)
      • Show and tell
      • Ask three before you ask me
      • iPods down, eyes up (iPods FACE down!!)
    • let them play (they are going to do it, so give them time at first!!)
    • Appropriate scaffolding
    • Manageable challenges
    • What if?
      • Teachers shared what they did when students misused privileges.  Some teachers went to the extreme that students lost their privileges for the rest of the school year (that's a little too much for me!), whereas others had more reasonable discipline procedures, such as losing it for the day or the chapter.
    • Share what you discovered
      • Sometimes students find the coolest things that we didn't even know about - let them share with you and with each other!
    • Paired practice and peer support. Share with each other!
    • Challenges, look for consensus
    • Justify your answers and decisions
    • Giving them a chance to become confident with something
      • 1. Centers
      • 2. Individual learning goals
    • Self directed
    • Curriculum linked
    • Mastery, then fluency (it doesn't matter how fast you go if you are not accurate)
      • This is something my kids struggle with - they want to get it done fast no matter how many they get wrong.  With some apps, there are "timers" on them that encourage them to do just that.  We need to remind our students that they need to make the best use of their practice time by focusing on mastery and not speed (fluency)
    • Support assessment
    • Show what you know
      • Comic life
      • Explain everything
        • I like EduCreations, although I know that Explain Everything, ShowMe, and ScreenChomp all have similar features.  I have found that I can just give my students the iPad with EduCreations and they can figure it out.  I'm sure they could do the same with the other three apps, there are just a lot more buttons to play around with that might get distracting and have them waste time.
    • Apply, analyze, and synthesize
    • Problem solving
    • Visualize, represent
    • Coaching
    • Not explaining to ME, but explaining to someone that does not know!!!
      • This is something I need to remind my students of when they are making their own videos next year -- they need to include enough description/ oral metacognition to help a student who doesn't know what to do!!!
Overall, this session was focused on using the apps that the presenters created (MathTappers).  The apps have some good aspects to them and I could see my low Algebra 1 students using them.  As with any app, I think they will be most helpful/beneficial when all students have a device they can be using at once.

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