Sunday, June 3, 2012

Watching #flipclass videos: F.I.T.C.H.

I made a short video for next year's students on how to get the most out of a "Flip Class" video.  For their summer packet this year, they are going to be doing some "flip class-y" things... rather than just being given a packet of review problems to do, they are going to be given that packet, have videos to go along with each lesson, and then submit a reflection similar to a WSQ online.

I'm hoping this will help ease my students in to next year's class.  We will have six sections of Math Analysis in the fall, split between me and another teacher.  The other teacher is considering doing some aspects of the flipped class next year, but not fully like I am doing.  Regardless, we hope that this will prepare them for the new type of learning and set the stage for the student reflection and responsibility that will be required in a flipped classroom.

You can see what I have set up for them at my student site (still under construction for next year) -

You can see the letter that explains what I am having them do here.

I decided to come up with an acronym (I love acronyms!) to help remember 5 key things to remember when watching a video.  I explain them below, and then at the end of the video I have four of my current students giving some tips.


F - Focused, Serious Attitude.  Be focused on the video and be serious about actually learning from it.
I - Involved in the process. Pause, rewind, re-watch. Don't just mindlessly copy things down.
T - Tabs closed.  Close all distracting tabs - facebook, email, etc.  Only have open what you need.
C - Cell phones put away. Turn them off, put them in another room, etc. Don't expect to be able to focus on learning if you are texting every couple of minutes.
H - Headphones in. It helps to keep you focused on what is being said in the video and not whatever is going on around you.

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