Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whew! Setting up my classroom for #flipclass!

What a day. I love what I do, but boy am I exhausted!

6 hours of classroom setup
1 hour webinar (will post archive in a new post as soon as I get it)
1 hour podcast interview (will post link when it comes out sometime in the next few weeks!)
Amazing dinner made by the husband!
Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies cooling on the oven :)

Today was my first day back in my classroom and I have 14 student volunteers helping me all day from 8am-2pm.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in (okay, jaw-dropping happy surprised!) that my desks were arranged by our night crew of custodians in the way I had drawn it out on my board yesterday as a brainstorming session.  I LOVE the setup.  So much space!  I have 3 tables and then 4 sets of 6 desks for students to be working. Space to move around, work together, have small groups, take quizzes off to the side, watch videos, etc.

I wanted to take before and after pics but I forgot.  So here are the "after" pictures. My room is a mess with stuff to put places, but you can kind of see the setup of my desks.

Welcome to my crazy life :)  Gotta get organized!

P.S. Student volunteers are amazing!  They made all of my Google Form WSQs for the year (make a copy, rename, embed) as well as my Sohpia Playlists for 3/4 of the year already.  So much time saved on my end!


  1. I'd love to know the dimensions of your room. It looks ENORMOUS!

    1. I'm lucky to have the biggest room on campus :). However, the way I have it arranged, it even looks huge to me!! So much more space this way! I'll try to get dimensions tomorrow :)

  2. Using students to create WSQs is a great idea. I am a little overwhelmed at the starting up of everything. Right now I am still working with my IT person so my students can have google apps for education emails because that is what my principal will allow for email access on campus. One step at a time.

    Love your layout and it does look huge!

    1. My thought is... put the students to work whenever you can, especially if they are willing and cryout out for community service hours for graduation :) I can't say enough how much time they saved me by their work!


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