Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day of Flippin' with Math Analysis and I'm lovin' it!

Tomorrow and Friday students will take their "Summer" exam.  Meanwhile, we started our first "flipping" day with Unit E today.


1. Unit E Concept 1 was actually 15 minutes of video - a 6 min clip and a 9 min clip.  But, because students were so used to watching video over the summer in longer spurts (because they did it all at once), most of them felt like this was JUST RIGHT or VERY SHORT!  And - 15 minutes is about the longest it will ever be! LOVED HEARING THAT!

2.  WSQ chats went so well!  Here are my "guidelines"

-Ask the questions
-Keep the group focused
-Make sure the whole group participates

We S, we Q, and we SQ! (I love acronyms!)
-First, review your summary/summary questions by going through your SSS and looking at the questions on the bottom of your WSQ chart.
-Then, review and answer all the questions that your group members had.  Write the answers down in the spiral notebooks.  Ask me/other classmates as needed.
-Lastly, review the Secret Question(s) that you tried on your own and make sure you got it right and understand it... and if you don't, then figure it out!

3. Students are enjoying writing/creating their own problems. And, they realize it takes thinking. And, they are actually thinking about it! yay!

4. Students were on task 98% of the period, and this was the first day! I was able to make it around to every table and chat with the students and make sure they didn't have any unanswered questions. Yay!

5. I already started signing off their WSQ charts and there is no red or blue for me this year.  It doesn't matter what color it is signed off in. What matters is that it is done and it is done well.  If students are falling behind they will receive a warning with a deadline, a second warning, and then a support card.

1. I had between 3-6 kids in each class not submit the WSQ.  Some watched the video but didn't turn it in, some didn't watch the video at all (these are mainly ones who are still behind on summer work).  I had the same "friendly conversation" with them that I did with Algebra 1, but much shorter.

2. umm nothing else :)

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