Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 4: Algebra 1 and Math Analysis

It's Day 4 and here's what I'm seeing:

Algebra 1

  • Students getting frustrated that they have to learn at the pace of the class instead of moving on when they get it
    • Comment - I'm having individual/small group conversations with them about why we are "training" and how nice it will be when they can learn at their own pace.  And that I still expect them to engage, participate, and be respectful even when they understand the math.
  • Students understanding why we are going through this "training" process
    • Comment - Besides those outliers mentioned above, most students understand why we are doing what we are doing.
  • Students following along, highlighting, and taking good notes from the video.
  • Students spacing out and not writing any video notes down, needing to pause and rewind but since we are watching as a class, they can't.

Math Analysis
  • Students engaging with each other in discussions much more naturally
  • Students asking good questions and then looking to each other to explain the answer before me
  • Students creating their own videos and explaining their thought processes (see WPP tabs on for the first few!)

Overall, this in no way feels like the fourth day of school. I'm excited to see how this week turns out :)

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