Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 3: Math Analysis Honors

Today was Day 2 of "WSQ chats" and my kids did a really good job! I was overall very happy and impressed.  They may have the "freedom" to choose who they work with a little sooner than I may  have thought.  I have to learn all their names first... then they have to show me they are able to make good choices :)

I gave them two tasks for their second "summer review day".  
#1: In their "small groups", discuss the WSQ questions.  When they are discussing (since they submitted their actual answers online), have out their SSS and PQ problems to go over it.

Note 1: Yesterday we did large groups (of 6) and today was small groups (of 3).  I liked the focus much more.  While they still interacted a little bit cross-group (6 of them were at a table but they were split in half), everyone was much more involved.  I think I may keep the WSQ chats that way.

Note 2: I was also able to do some small group teaching on Piecewise functions.  I love the ability to just say "who needs to go over this?" and have the 8-10 kids that need it to come to the side and then re-teach.  It was really great and I really feel like they learned and understood afterwards.

#2: Work on whatever they need to from Unit A or B or the PT.  Most of them, of course, chose the PT.  I am nervous/anxious/excited to see the results of the test on Wed/Thurs of next week from their summer assignments.  It will be a huge eye-opener to where everyone is at and who I need to focus on more.

My students also have their first WPP assignment this weekend on MentorMob.  I will be posting them to the student work blog.  I am going to have them make their own blogs in about 2-3 weeks once things slow down a bit with the beginning of year learning curve.  Then they will do all the embedding and posting there and I will keep track of it via a Google Reader folder.  With this, they will also be doing their first student-created video... so it should be fun!

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